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Assignment Management

As your organization works to manage talent assignment of expatriates around the world, it’s critical to take the time for appropriate assignment planning, and enlist an expert in providing international assignment services support.  Global Assignment Management through Kinetix ensures that your temporary and permanent transfers are given assignment support, guidance, and care from the moment they are selected through their settling in period at their destination location.

Kinetix provides both service delivery and destination education for your foreign transferees. As international employees, they require ongoing benefits support to navigate in their new home location and ensure compliance with local requirements.  Kinetix will be with them every step of the way.

Assignee Management

Kinetix provides complete expatriate assignment and permanent transfer support throughout the assignment life cycle.  Through our expert relocation services coordinators and state-of-the-art assignment management system, we deliver seamless support: from the pre-selection and budgeting phase, throughout placement and ongoing service delivery, and during repatriation, subsequent assignments, or localization.  Our care is provided 24/7 in real time through a dedicated coordinator to ensure that the person who provides support to your global workforce key talent is well-versed in their specific needs.Domestic U.S. and Global Relocation programs can 

Global Assignment Planning And Support

As you work to place the right people in the right roles to optimize your organization’s effectiveness, one of the most critical phases happens before an assignee is even selected for the role.  Kinetix supports global assignment management pre-planning through budgeting, policy consultation, location strategy/site evaluation, and internal education.  We find that the best approach is through a comprehensive planning phase to ensure the candidates, location, and program direction all serve to best support organizational strategy.

Kinetix helps to keep you compliant for all of your employee home sales and relocation assignments

Employee Assignment

When placing employees on an international assignment, it’s critical to remember the support needed for an ongoing positive experience.  Worries about home properties, staying connected to the home location work environment, the ongoing need to address country-specific tax issues, and the impact of missing the old location and settling into the new one can be difficult for even the most seasoned expatriate.

Kinetix provides support to navigate these challenges.  With property, tax, family, housing, logistics, and destination services delivered through our expert counseling teams, we guide the transferring employee and family, providing peace of mind, and current, local, and helpful resources to make the experience the best one possible.

International Assignment Services

Kinetix delivers international assignment services with a global reach and a local focus.  Our knowledge of local real estate markets is supported by estate agents in almost every corner of the world.  They give your assignees the comfort and confidence that the process of finding their new temporary or permanent home will be an easy one.

Kinetix also has a global network to support expatriate tax, from pre-assignment estimation through post-arrival or repatriation calculation and compliance.  When setting and utilizing the policy and compliance elements of your expatriate talent management tax strategy, Kinetix and our tax partners can remove the guesswork, and set a plan to keep you and your employees compliant regardless of where the journey takes your people or your organization.

                   Expatriate Transferees

Expatriate assignments placing employees in foreign locations can complicate setting compensation, establishing tax requirements and equalization policy, and remaining compliant as an organization.  Paying employees across borders may require complex pay structures such as split or shadow payrolls, and it can be complex for the employee as well.  A foreign employee’s tax obligations can also span much longer than the actual assignment.

Kinetix helps to ensure that you are building a program with a line of sight that includes tax regime changes, payroll intricacies, and compliance wherever you may operate.  We begin each client partnership with a thorough evaluation of your foreign employment locations, your mobility and expatriate tax programs, and their associated policy. From there we can either strengthen your existing program, or build a new program, applying best and current practices for the best employee experience and the most effective delivery.

Permanent Transfers Of International Employees

The permanent transfer of international employees requires more than just a permanent transfer relocation policy.  It requires support through a network of internal and external partners that include your relocation management company, payroll, internal and external tax, risk, strategy, HR, and finance.  Missing any critical component can lead to higher costs, a greater administrative burden, and, at the very worst, loss of key talent.  

Kinetix provides guidance and coordination, and is a key central point of communication for your employee mobility program.  From short-term temporary assignments, global internships, and extended business travel to expatriate localization and international permanent transfers, our team manages your program, communicates employee needs and addresses challenges for the best possible employee experience.

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