Consulting Services

Kinetix provides policy review, design, and construction; program evaluation, benchmarking, restructuring, and cost estimation for the largest corporate/government groups, as well as to startups and NGO environments. Our policies provide guidance to clients with as few as 1 move annually to those with thousands of moves  a year, giving you the foundation needed for quick response, confidence in delivery, and a superior employee experience.

Related Services


Kinetix writes relocation policy for clients in a number of sectors, allowing us current insight into practices employed in a host of situations, with varying objectives, and under a diverse set of cost constraints and models. The data and knowledge generated is employed by Kinetix Consulting Services to give you a clear view of your program’s positioning and competitiveness, and to allow you insight and objectivity in planning the benefits applied to your program.

Policy Design

Policy design requires convergence of a current involvement in delivery of services, an understanding of market and legislative impact and compliance, an engaged discussion within the client business or businesses on their constraints and objectives, and a caring eye to the varied needs of the families we support. We apply these through experienced, innovative experts to ensure that your policy reflects your organization, your people, and the best possible way to facilitate talent mobility in a way that works for you.

Cost Evaluation

Talent Mobility programs constantly face pressure to be as cost-effective as possible, and yet provide the best possible experience. Kinetix provides in depth, expert analysis on how your program is performing, reviewing current real costs, time frames, policy, and exception data to formulate the best possible approach to move your program forward.


Market and Legislative Impact

When economic conditions change, individual markets change, or programs are impacted by changes in legislation, Kinetix is the first to respond and instruct on the impact to your program costs. We can evaluate impact based upon an understanding of the changed condition, and provide relevant, current feedback from across our client and vendor base to help you navigate the new normal most effectively.