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There’s a lot to think about in the administration of a talent mobility and relocation program.  Relocation policy, mobility program delivery, tax compliance, and employee experience all come into play.  And the key to success is to start the process off right.  That’s why Kinetix covers them all, with departure program management services that set a schedule based on the perfect marriage of employee and family needs, policy objectives, and compliance.

Corporate relocation departure services including lease finalization, home sale assistance, household goods moving services, expense management, and reporting provide the right starting point for making the relocation experience an informed and easy one.  The initial relocation needs assessment and planning phase starts everything off on the right foot.

Domestic Move Management

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Employee moves can be an emotional and stressful event, as they pack everything up and head off to a new location.  Kinetix removes that stress with care and communication, making sure that your employee and family understand the steps and timing of their move and are informed of each key step as they proceed. 

Kinetix is a seasoned expert in U.S. domestic move management, coordinating thousands of domestic U.S. moves and thousands of international employee relocations and shipments in and out of the United States annually.   From the pre-move survey through the delivery, we monitor every step, making sure that the move conforms to strict quality guidelines and communication requirements.  

Kinetix helps in invoicing, reporting, and in the rare event of a claim, manages the entire claim process, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the employee. We manage all national and international moves and related services through our seasoned and award-winning vendor network. 


Home Sale Assistance

Kinetix provides a comprehensive suite of employee home sale assistance service options, including administration of amended-sale and direct reimbursement programs and home marketing assistance. Our team employs each location’s top relocation-savvy agents and walks you through each phase of the home sale process: setting appropriate value, prepping the property for sale, listing, selling, and closing. We provide a host of options in support of Corporate Amended Sale programs, and the legal, financial, and tax compliance experts needed to remain compliant and cost-efficient in their delivery.

Given the significant impact of the changes in tax treatment of relocation benefits in 2017, the tax consequences of a well managed home sale program became incredibly beneficial, given that an amended sale program was the only remaining tax-neutral relocation benefit.  Kinetix offers Buyer Value and Guaranteed Buyout option amended sale programs to maximize your potential program savings.  Each program is delivered through a seasoned team of mobility professionals, using a vast network of relocation-savvy agents and a state-of-the-art assignment and homesale management system.


Household Goods Moving Services


Kinetix household goods move management division coordinates thousands of moves annually to all parts of the world. We oversee an independent network of pre-qualified agents and global transportation resources to ensure your employee’s household goods shipment is transported in the most appropriate time- and cost-effective manner available. Our team is committed to providing policy and budget control, effective survey results, quality pack, load, transport and delivery of household goods, risk management/claims resolution, and permanent storage support.

Kinetix has been directly involved in U.S. and International Household Goods Moving since our inception over three decades ago.  We are well versed in every facet of the process, and have designed policy and programs, including a proprietary move management system that helps us to manage thousands of shipments annually.  Our internal move managers are available 24/7 with immediate and direct support for any phase of the shipment process, reporting needs, or claims resolution. When moving employee belongings as part of a domestic U.S. or International Mobility Program, come to Kinetix.


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