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Global Employee Banking Programs, combining with International Employee Banking

Banking overseas can seem daunting.  Setting up a transferee’s bank, transferee bank account, and moving money across borders can present challenges if you approach it like you would your normal bank.  Kinetix provides banking solutions to make setting up an expatriate bank account that can be accessed globally easier than banking in your neighborhood.  

With global banking programs at Kinetix, we start the work prior to your departure, connecting you with multiple options for international employee banking.  Each provides programs specifically tailored to expatriates and expatriate families, allowing for global access to funds and easy banking no matter where your assignment takes you. When you are looking for programs for moving employee money internationally, Kinetix has the solutions.

Transferee Banks – Banking for Employees on Assignment

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When selecting options for a transferee bank, there are a number of choices that allow for global access to funds, reduced transfer and deposit costs, and easy to use mobile and web-based applications for an expat bank account. Let Kinetix provide guidance on options and the best approach to set up resources before your transferring employees set out to their new home.

Most global banking programs require transferring employees to set up their expat bank account prior to departure.  To lessen the stress of the moving money internationally, and reduce the costs of typical employee bank transfers, let Kinetix provide the guidance early on.  We’ll give your relocating employees the right planning resources, from expat financial advisors to global banking programs, to start the process right on time.

Global Banking Programs – International Employee Banking

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Kinetix global banking programs offer options for transferring employees to access funds regardless of location and to establish credit history that crosses borders without exposure to excessive fees and limitations. Kinetix partners with banking experts who can work with incoming transferees in advance of their arrival to ensure a smooth financial transition. Expatriates will have access to credit, including traditional charge cards and home mortgages where appropriate, and be able to deposit and access funds for bill pay and personal expenses as if operating in their home location.

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