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Home Finding and Rental Finding for Employees

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Amidst the many tasks a successful relocation requires, home finding for employees is one of the most critically important.  When heading to a new and usually unfamiliar area, Kinetix can provide home finding assistance that gives your people the help and guidance needed to make an educated decision, and to start to feel at home as quickly as possible.  

Whether finding a home to rent or seeking relocation home buying assistance at the destination location, our network of relocation-savvy realtors, brokers, and rental agents are there to help.  They live in the areas they serve, and have a keen understanding of both the features of the area and of the needs of the people and families moving there. Our Kinetix Home Finding Specialist will complete an in-depth needs analysis, and work with the destination agent to ensure a broad offering of neighborhoods and housing options is presented.  Then we’ll stay with you through the whole process to ensure everything goes smoothly until you are comfortably settled in your new home.

Relocation Realtors

relocation realtors

Kinetix has a vast network of destination agents with broad local expertise.  Not only are our network of relocation real estate brokers and agents required to have an in-depth understanding of relocation processes and procedures, they provide the best guidance available for relocation home finding through a deep knowledge of the area and local customs and benefits.

Finding Rental Housing For Employees On Assignment  | Rental Finding For Employees Going On Assignment

finding rental housing for employees on assignment

Employees going on assignment have varying housing needs.   Their family size, the assignment timing, and even the other benefits covered within a relocation policy or mobility program may create challenges that require some expert assistance.  They may be traveling light, needing fully furnished housing for the short or long term.  When shipping furniture, they might be looking for interim furniture rental, and then transition to their own furniture upon arrival of their household goods.

Kinetix can support these needs in an end-to-end, seamlessly coordinated fashion.  With Kinetix full-service domestic and international mobility program support, and on-the-ground housing experts around the world, we make rental finding for employees going on assignment and transferring permanently a stress-free process.

Corporate Apartment Rental | Corporate Housing Rental

corporate apartment rental

In most locations, corporate housing payments can have a tax impact as they are usually included in the income of the expatriate.  To remain compliant, Kinetix can help you to navigate corporate housing and tax rules, providing access to tax experts that work specifically with expatriate populations.  In addition, Kinetix can provide pre-planning and ongoing payment and reporting assistance to ensure everything is accounted for.

Long Term Rentals For Employees

long term rentals for employee

Whether searching in the United States or globally, there are a number of resources that can make rental finding for employees going on assignment significantly easier.  Kinetix can source short- and long- term corporate apartment rentals, long term home rentals for employees, and apartments for expatriate employees  anywhere in the world.

Our support begins with a renter needs assessment, to determine preferences on rental size, amenities, and neighborhood preferences.  We pair these preferences with on-the-ground renter support at the destination location, and begin narrowing the search pre-departure to ensure that any time spent at the new location is maximized.

Some temporary relocations can turn into long-term or permanent assignments and localizations, creating the need for long-term rentals.  Kinetix can reduce stress and help make rental finding more efficient, giving your employees a head start when acclimating to their new surroundings.  

Kinetix can provide move support and furniture rental during transition, negotiate lease terms to best fit the employee and family’s needs, arrange for deposits and payments per policy, and help to transfer short term renters into a long-term arrangement.



Kinetix not only works for the best outcome with relocation homes for sale, we do everything we can to make the transition easier.  Our relocation specialists manage  the payment of equity in a timely fashion to facilitate the new home purchase, and provide destination resources for home search, mortgage, appraisal, inspections, and even provide title and closing services if needed.

And destination services don’t stop with our local home finding specialists finding a home to fit your relocating family’s needs, we apply the information we get throughout the process to finding what neighborhood and home features fit the family best.  From getting into the right school district or option to meet the needs of the employee’s children, to matching the best options for a spouse or partner’s ongoing work, education, or volunteering activities, we can help to find the best all-around fit possible at your destination location.

Finding a Home To Rent

finding a home to rent

Finding a home to rent or an apartment to live in at destination takes a combination of local expertise,  attention to detail, negotiation skills, and an understanding of the timing and availability of rental properties entering the local market.  Home finding assistance while looking for a house or apartment that allows pets adds another challenging dimension, but is helped by our agent’s keen sense of the local market.  

Our goal is to provide the best resources to fit your search.  Whether looking for a large single-family home or a city center studio, we can help.  If your focus is cost efficiency, a certain style or location, or even getting into the right school to meet specific or special needs, Kinetix can help. Our home search assistance will always provide a broad range of options to find the best communities to fit the employee and family’s preferences and needs.

Homefinding Services | Relocation Realtors 

homefinding services

When your talent management objectives lead to moving key people out of their homes, it’s critical that they feel like they are heading to a new home, not just a company-sponsored temporary destination. Kinetix makes sure the employees and families you relocate end up at home in their new location, through careful planning and execution throughout the Homefinding process.  Whether they are finding a home to rent, or using home finding assistance to locate and purchase a new place,  Kinetix has home finding services that can inform, assist, and expedite every step of the way.

Each Kinetix Home Finding Specialist engages the transferring employee and family with an in depth needs and preferences analysis, applying the information given to selection of an expert destination agent resource.  The local agent provides information before the family even arrives, with neighborhood options, housing samples, and local amenities based on the preferences given.  When it’s time to go to the destination to select an apartment or single-family home,  the time spent is well planned, and results in a familiarity that will start the employee and family on a path to feeling right at home.

Expat Rentals | Apartments For Expat Employees

expat rentals

Kinetix supports rental finding, lease negotiation, move-in and move-out inspections, lease closeout, and all associated expense management and reporting for the expatriate apartment and house rental process.  We educate throughout the process, making sure the timing of each step is coordinated closely with the needs of the expat and family.  

Expat apartments can vary widely, as can the neighborhoods where property is available at the host location.  It’s important to have a guide that sets up the itinerary to ensure that all options are provided for viewing, and who can give on-the-ground and current information that makes the new location feel like home as quickly as possible.

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