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Employee Home Sale Assistance

Employee Home Sale Assistance Programs delivered through Kinetix are the best use of your relocation budget today.  When managed properly, Employee Home Sale Assistance Programs (such as Buyer Value Option and Guaranteed Buyout Programs) allow Home Sale Closing Costs to be paid on behalf of the employee with little to no tax impact.  Home sale closing services are delivered through an expert team of seasoned on-the-ground Brokers and Agents who are well-versed in providing the support your people need to get through the process with the best possible results.

From the very beginning, Kinetix Home Marketing Assistance programs set the right price for today’s market, providing a comprehensive relocation home marketing plan, expert agent choices, ongoing support and feedback, and inspection, appraisal, and relocation home sale closing services throughout the United States and Canada.  We are intensely engaged in the entire process, through closing and beyond, and provide complete post-closing reconciliation reporting to round out the process.

Relocation Home Sale



Kinetix provides U.S. domestic home sale assistance and comprehensive support services, expense reconciliation, and reporting consistent with IRS guidelines  to ensure that you maximize the value of your domestic relocation program spend and minimize your relocation home sale tax impact.

From initial market analysis to closing, Kinetix covers your employee needs to ensure they can focus on an effective and seamless transition to their new home.  With strategic marketing plans and expert home sale and closing guidance, and the benefit of earlier equity, Kinetix will take the stress out of selling your property and the entire home sale process. 

Home Sale Closing Services


Kinetix understands that companies may have different objectives, schedules, and budgets for the support they provide to relocating employees that need to sell their homes as part of the relocation process.  Because of the varying needs of our clients and their employees, we offer complete relocation home sale marketing assistance and home sale closing services, including title services, document review, inspection resources, and location-specific legal guidance.  

The closing process can vary from state to state.  Real estate law creates subtle and not-so-subtle differences that must be attended to during the closing process.   Our relocation title services partners are local to the home you’re selling, and have an in-depth understanding of the local requirements to close escrow. 

Home Marketing Assistance


The first step to a successful relocation home sale is setting up the appropriate real estate marketing assistance to establish an effective marketing plan.  At Kinetix, we begin by providing a selection of realtors who visit the home and do a complete Broker Market Analysis.  The analysis evaluates market conditions, comparable properties both currently listed and recently sold, and property condition to establish the most likely sales price for the property, as well as sets an appropriate plan to get the home sold for the most money in the least amount of time.

Throughout the process, Kinetix provides counseling and assistance based on decades of experience, and data and feedback through cutting edge systems and applications.  For the most efficient and effective marketing plan available to get the home sold for a good price driven by market understanding, look to Kinetix.

Employee Home Sale Services | Buyer Value Option (BVO) | Guaranteed Buyout Offer (GBO)


Kinetix offers support for every type of relocation home sale program.  

  • With direct reimbursement, Kinetix will review the associated closing documents, audit and compile reimbursable expenses, make the appropriate employee payment, and provide a complete reconciliation to your organization.
  • In our Buyer Value Option (BVO) program, we start with a multiple-agent analysis to explore the market, learn more about the property, and give the transferring employee the information they need to make the decisions that start a successful relocation home sale process. We then employ the information collected to set up an appropriate marketing plan, and upon receiving the agent selection from the employee, set that plan quickly into action.  We keep the pulse of the process going with regular updates and marketing adjustments as necessary, and complete title search and any required inspections.  When a bona-fide offer is presented, we review the offer and bring the process to a close with the employee, as well as provide the appropriate equity calculation and payment, and comprehensive reconciliation and invoicing for the client.
  • Our Guaranteed Buyout Offer (GBO)  program uses the marketing support, inspection, and title resources of the BVO program above, and employs a thorough relocation appraisal process to come up with a market-driven offer to the employee.  The offer, based on appraisal averages as dictated in client policy, is presented to the employee.  When accepted, Kinetix will manage the sale of the property to an outside buyer through our inventory management program.

The keys to the GBO program are market awareness, expert process, and timing.  With steps to communicate and educate throughout, Kinetix ensures that the property has the best chance of being sold prior to the offer period.  And if it does go into our inventory program, we’ll make sure it is appropriately reevaluated, listed, and sold in the fastest time the market will allow, for the best possible price.

  • As mentioned above, Kinetix provides an internal team and an expert vendor network spanning North America to support the home sale process.  Regardless of whether you provide closing cost reimbursement in the form of a GBO or BVO program, Kinetix can provide marketing assistance to your employees free of charge through the Kinetix Broker network, ensuring that your employees get the knowledgeable support they need to make the most challenging part of the relocation home sale process a breeze.
  • Closing Services Only:  All of Kinetix Inspection, Appraisal, and Title Services are available on a standalone basis for employee use.

Kinetix helps to keep you compliant for all of your employee home sales and relocation assignments


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