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Relocation Home Sale Closing Services

Kinetix provides a broad range of support for domestic U.S. programs in the management of amended home sale programs, including home marketing, Buyer Value Option, Guaranteed Buyout, inventory management, and closing services.  Our teams manage programs throughout the U.S. and Canada, and operate through the most effective network of unaffiliated, relocation-savvy brokers and agents in the mobility industry today.

Relocation program home sale and purchase programs require a keen understanding of the process, requirements, timeline, and associated needs involved.  From pre-sale preparation that allows for the best possible entry and showing in any market, through efficient home sale closing services that understand organization’s needs for reconciliation and documentation that keeps things compliant, each step can be a critical one.  Kinetix starts with seasoned counseling staff involvement, assigns brokers and agents that understand the market and the process, and closes things out through title companies and closing attorney networks that are second-to-none.

The Different Types of Closing Services

Kinetix’s relocation program closing services add a layer of protection to each mobility program home sale.  Our Title Services ensure that every property is eligible for sale with free and clear title, with title insurance giving our clients peace of mind during the acquisition phase of Buyer Value Option and Guaranteed Buyout amended sale programs.  Real Estate Closing Services are there to both complete the transaction and provide post-closing reconciliation support, with quick and accurate turnaround supporting the Kinetix settlement process.

Employee Home Sale Closing Services

If your program includes a direct reimbursement option, Kinetix can provide Employee Home Sale Closing Services to give your employees peace of mind and representation until close of escrow on the property.  With expert assistance in the preparation of documentation, the assignment of associated costs and credits, and clear reporting and communication, your employees can rest assured that they are well represented from start to finish.

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