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Employee Repatriation Services

As your key talent completes their assignment and plans their return to the home location, there are a number of things that need to be done in preparation for repatriation to their home country.  Lease closeout, including termination of lease, walk through, and return of deposit monies can be more complicated at the host location.  Kinetix has employee repatriation services that can help your employees navigate the complexities of that, as well as notification of local authorities on departure, making sure everything is done per local practice.  If there’s a need for temporary housing during the transition phase, or a need to search for permanent housing to return to, we can coordinate the right resources to ensure your employee’s home is ready when they are.  And for logistics support, Kinetix Move Management makes sure that each phase of the return trip is seamlessly delivered, and your employees’ belongings are returned home as quickly and safely as possible.

International Employee Repatriation – Bringing International Employees Back


International employee repatriation may seem like the end of a key event in your employee’s development.  Kinetix sees it as a critical moment where the benefits of the assignment to the employee’s skillset are realized.  The time they have put in, the experiences they have had, and the work they have done are all useful to the ongoing efforts of the organization.  Make sure that you are employing a process that appropriately values and applies all of these experiences.  A well-executed repatriation, coupled with a home location champion to mentor and best apply the new skill set, will do more for retention than anything else.  More than just logistics, housing, and expenses, effective repatriation is a show of support and an acknowledgement of a successful assignment.

The Challenges of Repatriation


Repatriation is sometimes over-simplified.  The key logistical and housing benefits may be simple to deliver, but there are challenges to repatriation that must be overcome to ensure a successful transition back.  Kinetix provides employee and family support to make sure they depart the old location successfully, closing out leases and recovering deposits, planning the move, compiling the right records from the host schools,  and making sure they are aware of ongoing obligations for tax filings and reporting.  There is a lot to do, but we can provide what’s needed to bring it back to simple.

International Repatriation Costs and Services 

International repatriation costs can be a substantial part of the assignment budget.  Kinetix can help, providing both initial assignment budget projections and comprehensive budgets for repatriation.  Budgets can be based on actual survey data when completed just in advance of repatriation, or through application of historical norms if done in advance.  Kinetix can also leverage its global partner network for the best possible price and value for every service in your program.

The Repatriation Process


Kinetix Relocation Managers provide the guidance and support for a reliable repatriation process  to bring your people home.  While it’s a commonly held belief that it’s easy, there’s a lot to do and a lot to think about.  Employees may be coming back to a home they don’t fully recognize, or be seeing their old places through new eyes.  We understand that, and reduce the stresses of the logistical and administrative tasks at hand to allow the employee and family to focus on re-settling and making the adjustments needed to feel at home again. 

Repatriation and Employee Retention


Employees usually increase their value exponentially while on assignment.  And it’s critical to make sure that you aren’t just training fantastic people for your competitors to hire when you bring them back.  At a time when employees can feel marginalized or undervalued, the right programs can help them to successfully reintegrate into their old home environment, or what that environment has become while they’ve been away.

The careful support of your people can prevent the need to re-staff key talent upon repatriation, making sure that they aren’t enticed away.  It can have a tremendous overall impact on operations, and can fuel development and retention of other staff who see the potential.  Help to bring them back strong. Reach out to Kinetix.

You need a reliable process to bring your people home. Kinetix Relo can help you navigate the pitfalls involved in repatriation and ensure a great employee experience by helping with:

          ● Move Planning

          ● Lease closeouts

          ● Compiling School Records

          ● Making Tax Obligations Clear

          ● Recovering Deposits

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