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Moving your expat employees and their families abroad is a daunting task.  The challenges of an expat family adapting to an expatriate assignment smoothly include cultural adaptation, comfort with housing and school options, and understanding the workings of an entirely new environment, to name a few.  Setting up employees for success in expatriate assignments takes a well planned and expertly managed approach.

Kinetix moves thousands of people across borders every year, assisting them in not only living abroad, but truly making their new assignment location their new home.  With family services, language and cultural training, settling in services, logistics, and housing support, we provide all of the expatriate solutions your program needs.  

Kinetix provides a host of services dedicated to making expatriate transfers easy and cost effective.  Expat relocation costs can be significant, sometimes reaching three times the annual cost of the expat employees being sent.  Through expert coordination of expat housing, expat moves, and other expat relocation services, Kinetix can remove significant hurdles and delays found in normal international expat services delivery.

Expat Relocation | Expat Employee Moving

expat relocation

Moving abroad for an expat assignment can require constant attention to properly manage household goods logistics.  Customs processes, shipment timing, and restrictions can vary significantly from country to country.  Kinetix removes the stress and guesswork from the expat relocation process, educating the expatriate and family and communicating every step of the way, to ensure their comfort and peace of mind.  

It doesn’t end with physical logistics support.  Homefinding services are provided through our expert network in every location, with area orientation and settling in services giving your expatriates the best available guidance in living options, school search, healthcare, and lifestyle.  Even your employees’ pets are provided the utmost care, with transport, quarantine, and constant attention to make sure they make the adjustment as easily as your employees do.

Expat Employee Moves | Expat Moves

expat employee moves

Immigration processes are complex, and have the greatest impact on the timing of the expat assignment.  Visas and work permits can take a considerable amount of time, and compiling documents for submission requires expert guidance.  In addition, the immigration process should be coordinated in conjunction with other parts of assignment to ensure housing, movement of personal effects, and settling in happen at the right time for assignment success. Kinetix can coordinate all of these expat employee move steps for your expatriate relocation program, making sure that you receive guidance, status updates, and coordination that works perfectly, regardless of your expat assignment locations.

Expat Relocation Costs | Overseas Relocation Costs 

A lot of attention is paid to expatriate ROI.  With overseas relocation costs making up a significant part of your talent management budget, it’s important to pay attention to each of your expatriate program metrics to ensure an effective and sustainable mobility program.  Keeping expat relocation costs down starts with a sound policy, and a firm set of KPI’s to allow for efficiencies and exceptions to be tracked. 

Kinetix provides strategic expatriate program consulting services to keep your mobility program compliant and sustainable, and to make sure that your expatriate experience shows your organization’s dedication to your key globally mobile talent.

Expatriate Transfers

expatriate transfers

One of the greatest impacts of expatriate transfer assignments may be the adjustment to a foreign culture.  Dealing with culture shock may impact work, home, and school, and slow the adaptation to a new home.  Kinetix has your expatriates and their families covered.  We provide cultural assessment tools, area orientation and settling-in, and intercultural training courses ranging from easy-to-use on-line courses and information to multiple day immersion courses in culture and language for individuals, groups, and families.  You’ve invested in your most valuable asset – your people and their role in the new location.  Give them the cultural tools to maximize and protect your investment with language and cultural training through Kinetix.

Expat Household Goods Moves

expat household goods moves

During expatriate assignments, moving the employee and family’s personal effects can be the most stressful and emotional time for them if they are not adequately prepared.  Kinetix takes the stress out of the entire process, providing an expert partner to guide your people through each step, from pre-move planning through delivery at their new home.  It’s not just moving employee’s furniture, it’s the smooth transition into their new home, making it as familiar as possible to ease the transition.  Wherever your expatriates move, we have your expat household goods moves covered.

Expat Relocation Services | International Expat Services | Expat Employee Relocation Solutions

Kinetix is the most advanced, stable, and experienced expat relocation company today.  With decades of global service in the provision of expatriate family relocation and logistics services, and a relocation management team that averages over 20 years each in the mobility industry, we can safely say that we are expat relocation experts.  Reach out to Kinetix and learn more.


Uprooting employees to put them on assignment can be viewed by the employees either as challenges, or as life-enriching experiences. Kinetix Relo can help ensure your employees have a positive experience, by providing:

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