Group Moves | Group Move Management | Group Movers

Group Moves | Group Move Management | Group Movers

Moving multiple employees can have a significant impact that lasts well beyond the period of the physical move.  Employees are facing the challenge of keeping the business running, managing family concerns during relocation, and managing the complexity of multiple logistical efforts.  Even after the physical move is complete, operations and family members are still getting used to the new normal.

Kinetix is well-versed in the relocation process for offices and their employees, coordinating every aspect of group move planning and group move management until everyone and everything is up and running at the new location. From regional and domestic U.S. relocation to international corporate moves, our expert teams in relocation and logistics operate through proprietary and leading state-of-the-art systems to get the job done, providing the best possible experience for all involved.

Kinetix helps both to settle in quickly and efficiently.  We believe that the work done up front to plan and coordinate each part of the office and employee relocation helps the transition and settling in processes to go more smoothly, and keeps challenges and exceptions to a minimum.

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Group Move Planning| Corporate Move Planning

Moving multiple employees and families as part of a group move planning or corporate office moving  requires both the broad scope of individual and group logistics timing and the focused attention to family needs and spouse, partner, and family member counseling to get it right.  To manage this complexity Kinetix employs both expert family assistance programs and agile and flexible systems.  

Pre-decision area tours, housing searches, school selection and enrollment assistance, spouse counseling and career support, among other services, play a key role in the ease of transition. Using the knowledge cultivated through years of group move management, our team helps each phase through to completion, and makes sure you and your employees are educated throughout the transition.

Employee home sales and lease terminations can be the source of significant stress on employees going on assignment. Kinetix Relo can help eliminate this stress by providing:

     ● Selecting the best agent

     ● Developing a comprehensive marketing plan

     ● Guaranteed Buyout vs. Buyer Value Option evaluation

     ● Direct Reimbursement

     ● Title Search

     ● The Closing Process

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