Host Departure Services

Working closely with the host country service providers within our preferred global network, we arrange all activities required to terminate a lease in the host location, from apartment walk through/inspection and utility shut-offs to security deposit collection and mail re-routing. As a matter of best practice, Kinetix highly recommends an initial documented walk-through upon lease signing in order to increase the opportunity to collect the security deposit upon departure from the host location.

Housing and Property Management

Kinetix provides expert support for the disposition of property. Whether ending a lease, selling a home through a corporate-sponsored program, or managing your employee’s property while on assignment, we provide the best program available, delivered through our expert team and supported by top local specialists who have an in-depth understanding of local markets and practices.

Rental Assistance

When your transferring employees choose to rent, Kinetix offers multiple levels of assistance based upon specific needs. Kinetix can provide pre-move area and option tours, can source properties in every domestic and global location, can set up utilities and can coordinate pre- and post-occupancy inspections and payments. When the time comes to leave your rented home, Kinetix can assist in closing out the lease and doing everything possible to maximize the potential for a successful transition.

Temporary Housing

Sometimes the timing of the move is such that Transferees and their families need a home away from home during the transition. They deserve a soft entry into the new home community while they become familiar with the new workplace and assimilate into the new living environment. Kinetix provides choices through independent temporary housing providers that deliver quality interim properties with great amenities at multiple price points as the family’s ‘first stop’ en route to their new home.

Property & Tenancy Management

Kinetix provides local support for management of properties while your employees and families are on assignment. Whether keeping the property vacant for a short term or renting out to a tenant for a multi-year assignment, Kinetix can provide maintenance, security, utility payment, and tenant review and management services regardless of location or property type.

Home Purchase Services

Our local experts provide comprehensive area information, giving your employees everything they need to navigate neighborhoods and area amenities, focusing in on the best places to live to suit their needs. We provide agent and / or Realtor support, title services, equity payment support, and mortgage services to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

Home Sale Services

Kinetix provides a comprehensive suite of home sale services, including administration of amended-sale programs, support of direct reimbursement, and home marketing. Our team will employ the home location’s top relocation-savvy real estate agents to guide your employees, and we’ll walk you through each phase of the home sale process: setting appropriate value, prepping the property for sale, listing, selling, and closing the sale. We provide a host of options in support of corporate home amended sale programs, and the legal, financial, and tax experts needed to remain compliant and efficient in the delivery of your program.