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Household Goods Moving

Kinetix has its roots in household goods moving, starting as a global supplier for employees moving personal effects, furniture, and vehicles overseas. Through the years we have evolved into the industry’s leading resource for managing employee household goods transportation, and have developed complex global logistics capabilities to move just about anything anywhere.

Employee household goods moving can be a simple door-to-door exercise, or a complex multi-resource, multiple-location effort employing cross border logistics, customs clearance, specialized packing and crating, surface and air transport, and expert coordination.  Either way, it’s likely to be one of the most emotional events of the employee relocation process. From the pre-move survey to the unpacking of the last box, it needs to be managed by seasoned experts who have an in-depth understanding of any challenges that may arise, and who know the best way of supporting the complex needs of today’s global assignments.

Kinetix prides itself as being an industry leader in each field we operate in.  As a household goods moving expert, we can coordinate anything from a local door-to-door move to moving employees furniture overseas, and even cover employee household goods storage at any departure or destination location in the world. don’t leave the critical events to a fledgeling household goods moving company.  Go to Kinetix, the proven expert in employee household goods transportation.

Employee Household Goods Moving | Employee Household Goods Transportation

employee household goods moving

Kinetix employs a purpose-built proprietary system to support our clients’ employee household goods moving of personal belongings. Parting with your personal effects during a domestic or international transfer is an emotional event, and our dedicated household goods transportation specialists are there with your employees every step of the way to make sure they understand the process, their responsibilities, the benefits and support they receive through your policy, the paperwork for appropriate documentation and insurance, and the timing of each phase of the move.

While our household goods coordinators manage thousands of domestic and international employee relocation – related shipments annually,  we also provide logistics expertise for heavy and oversized freight, and even specialize in employee household goods transportation in and out of challenging locations. From the simplest of shipments in a 20-foot cargo container, to projects covering hundreds of locations and multiple types of cargo, we’ve got you covered.

Employee Household Goods Storage

employee household goods storage

Kinetix provides storage globally.  Each location is held to the same exacting standards, requiring options for climate-controlled, secure, long and short term employee household goods storage in clean and accessible storage units and warehouses.  

Storage needs vary, and Kinetix ensures that our storage partners provide the safety and flexibility needed to meet changing calendars.  Each location must meet security, fire and flood prevention, humidity control, access control, and handling requirements to be allowed to hold the belongings of our client’s employees.

Moving Employees Furniture Overseas

Many transferring employees find themselves asking “is it worth shipping furniture?” as they embark on a domestic or international relocation.  From cleaning furniture and arranging for packing furniture for transport, perceptions on the cost, risk of damage, and sentimental value of their belongings may change their plans as they try to work their way through what can be a very complex process.

Kinetix can help.  With years of experience, expert guidance, and a tried and tested global network of caring and professional moving professionals, we help thousands of families move each year.  Whether it’s across town or to the other side of the world, we can help with appraisal and valuation of the things your families hold dear, and ensure the handling provided is not only safe but also cost-effective.

Remove the pressure from your employees.  They don’t need to be experts in how to pack their mirrors, lamps, chairs, and Televisions.  Letting professional movers do the packing will reduce stress, time spent, and cost to your relocation program.

Household Goods Moving Company | Household Goods Moving Experts

household goods moving company

Kinetix manages every aspect of employee household goods transport.  Our coordination starts with a  detailed pre-move survey to ensure we document and define the needs of each transfer.  We review the shipment contents and timing to set the appropriate support measures for packing and  shipping their specific volume of goods, providing comprehensive household goods insurance coverage, preparing documentation for customs requirements, and coordinating delivery and unpacking upon arrival.

While policy varies on support of employee household goods transportation, Kinetix provides flexible programs to cover it all locally and globally.  Options include small air shipment expediting, containerized domestic transport, export wrapping/packing, air and surface options, and special item transport, as well as automobile shipment and conversion.  We can also help to transport pets, providing caring, gentle, and safe transportation, and guidance on requirements, restrictions, and quarantine timeframes.

Moving Employee Vehicles Overseas | Shipping Vehicles Overseas

moving employee vehicles overseas

Regardless of what you drive, your car is likely one of your biggest investments and most prized possessions.  When moving employee vehicles overseas, it’s critical to have expert support for the entire process, from preparing a vehicle for shipment, loading a car or motorcycle into an appropriate container, helping with insurance and inspection on arrival and converting to local standards if necessary.

Kinetix ships thousands of cars annually, and provides detailed care and attention to make sure your vehicles get safely to the destination.  And when shipping and conversion aren’t options, we can provide vehicle sourcing and leasing options, and guidance on local transportation options around the globe to make sure you have everything you need.

Household Goods Transportation | Methods of Shipping Household Goods Internationally

Kinetix provides a vast array of household goods transportation options for international shipments.  From ultra-small shipment support through lift van options to multiple 40’ containers, we provide household goods transit options to cover it all.  We also work with you to find the best shipment options for the need – with airfreight, ocean freight, and cross-border surface transportation supported with expert customs navigation at a highly competitive price.

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