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International Employee Moves – Moving Employees to Another Location

For Domestic and International employee moves undertaken as part of a relocation program, it’s important to balance corporate moving policy with the other requirements of your program for the best possible household goods transportation experience.  International moving services can generate substantial foreign moving expenses, so it is critical to find the right fit and guarantee domestic and global capabilities in your corporate moving company.  Kinetix covers the globe, providing domestic U.S. moving support and coverage for relocation-related household goods transportation from any point to any point in the world.

Moving employees to another location can seem like a daunting task.  Whether moving employees overseas, or moving employees domestically, it’s critical to choose a provider that can reduce stress as much as reduce costs.   Kinetix does both, with the industry’s most experienced  move management team, supported by proprietary systems that allow for easy access, robust reporting, and simple status/tracking.

Corporate Moving Companies – Corporate Moving Management

Corporate moving services can be seen as a simple commodity until you dig a little deeper. Move management services must be perfectly executed to reduce employee and family stress, and ensure that the process is easy to follow from start to finish, and to keep costs at an appropriate level for the task.  

Trust the experts at Kinetix, who have decades of experience moving our clients’ key talent around the corner and around the world. We keep it simple for you, and provide expert service during, and critical data throughout each move, leveraging our broad network and significant volume to ensure you get the best coverage and the best price, every time.

Household Goods Transportations

Relocating employees is a critical operational function.  You need to get the right people in the right place at the right time for the right cost with as little impact to them as possible, and with minimal downstream time spent tying up loose ends upon arrival.   They shouldn’t be left to their own devices to try and determine how to ship household goods, using their valuable time and creating mountains of stress.  

Kinetix manages the pre-move survey, move coordination, household goods transportation insurance, storage, delivery, and any other services required in the process.  Our vast service provider network covers everything, so you and your people can get back to the business of what you do best.

International Moving Services 

Kinetix’s comprehensive global moving system manages thousands of moves annually, but makes sure each one has the best experience possible.  Our international moving services cover every possible need, from pre-move counseling, donations, downsizing and surveys to destination unpacking services that put everything in its proper place.    We make sure needs are addressed end-to-end, and communicate, track, and resolve exceptions quickly.

Corporate Moving Policy


Drafting a corporate moving policy can be tricky in today’s volatile markets.  The need to keep critical employees on the right track for rapid and effective deployment means that moving should be managed in concert with activities like home sale/lease closeout, temporary living, and rental or home purchase assistance.  

For international moves, corporate moving solutions for door-to-door service may incorporate multiple legs of ground, air, & sea, and complex customs processes. To make things more complex, country restrictions on everything from dried flowers to artwork need to be heeded to avoid delays or, at worst, confiscation.  Kinetix reviews all programs for policy best practices, and gives the most up-to-date guidance available to ensure your enterprise moving services are running as they should.

Foreign Moving Expenses

Forecasting foreign moving expenses is something any businessperson intuitively knows you should bring in an expert for. With hundreds of countries and a myriad of factors to take into account, depending on the individual employee’s situation, it’s best to involve someone with deep experience doing these estimates over and over.

Kinetix covers the world, and can move you around the block or across the planet.  It’s as easy as clicking on the link on our site or dialing us directly to arrange an international moving quote, and for most quote requests we can determine international moving costs in about 48 hours. 

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