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International Relocation Services

One of the most important phases of assignment planning is pre-assignment.  During the candidate selection process, Kinetix is available to run scenarios on potential costs, location-specific challenges, and best practices for seamless delivery and support.  Our Pre-Assignment Services are designed for agile application and rapid deployment of your key talent, while keeping in mind that the employee and family’s transition period is critical to both employee effectiveness and long-term success.

Kinetix provides Pre-Assignment Budgeting support to outline costs for transition, including Property Sale, Lease Termination, Destination Housing, Logistics, Tax Impact, Immigration costs, and family services like Area Evaluation and Selection through look see trips and pre-assignment groundwork. Scenarios can be run for each candidate or for selected candidates with some general initial information, and help to start every assignment and transfer with a clear picture of the associated costs and the best possible plan.  Planning an assignment? Kinetix can provide immediate support, with most initial analysis completed in about 48 hours.  Reach out to us today.


On Assignment Global Relocation Services


You’ve made your choice, and your key talent is ready to move.  So now what? You reach out to Kinetix, knowing regardless of where they’re going or what they need, we have the globe-spanning support that can make every place feel like you’re home. Our Transition Services include support for Temporary and Permanent Housing, Move Management, Home Sale and Lease Termination.  If your employee is on a temporary assignment and will be returning home, Kinetix can manage and maintain their property throughout their assignment, even managing tenants and finances through our property management services.

Another critical component is compliance.  Kinetix Expense Management services provide expense audit, processing, and payment solutions, accessible through our secure client portals and mobile applications.   A host of reporting options are available, from standard system-generated reports to customized period- and year-end reporting to ensure tax partners and authorities are kept up to date. Kinetix can also help manage immigration processes, to make sure schedules are appropriate, employees are informed, and immigration requirements are met.

Employee Repatriation Services


Bringing your key talent home is a critical ingredient in your mobility program; making sure that employees have a smooth transition and integrate back into their “old” environment (which may actually have evolved while they have been gone) is critical for minimizing employee turnover and maximizing assignee satisfaction.


Growing and Maintaining Your International Mobility Program


Programs change over time.  Kinetix can scale with you as your company’s needs dictate.  From initial policy development and benchmarking, through ongoing review and assessment of program effectiveness, we apply the right systems and metrics to ensure your international mobility program is fine-tuned to the people you support and the places you operate in.  Ongoing policy review and enhancement is key, and Kinetix leads the industry in tailored relocation program innovation.  Our consulting teams make sure your program is not only scalable, but that it is and remains cutting-edge, responding to events, needs, and compliance requirements as the world changes around us.  As you grow and change, your program evolves with you.

The Challenges of Worldwide Global

Employee Relocation

Delivery of a program that optimizes global employee relocation experience takes attention to a host of details, and without a trained eye, programs can face challenges.  Employee budgets and spending power can shift, tax legislation can change overnight, borders can be closed and opened, and things at the host location can create barriers to it feeling like home.

There are solutions.  Kinetix offers assistance through global banking programs that ensure your employee and their family can access funds anywhere.  To stay compliant, Kinetix liaises with your preferred tax partner to manage the input of data into budget and the compensation balance sheet.  We can feed data for an accurate hypothetical tax calculation, with systems incorporating tax tables updated in real time.  As borders open and close, our global network feeds us information that facilitates immigration timing and support.  And when your people need guidance to their new home location, our Destination Service Providers are the best on-the-ground resources to make sure your employee and family are not only set up properly, but that they are comfortable enough at their destination to call it home.

Global Mobility Best Practices

Kinetix manages tens of thousands of moves annually, for an extremely diverse set of clients.  Global Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), Corporations, Start-Ups, and individuals all reach out to Kinetix for international moving company quotes, for everything from complex global logistics support to a single new hire move out of college to their first job.  They seek our expertise in vendor and process management to keep international moving costs down while ensuring the best possible move experience. Our decades-old relationships have allowed us to fine-tune an extremely capable service group and vendor network for your benefit, mapping capability, needs, and international moving companies cost.  Our Domestic and International delivery team members have an average tenure with Kinetix of over 15 years, and many have been in the industry for over 20.  

For an accurate and comprehensive quote on moving services or full comprehensive relocation services, reach out to Kinetix today.

Area Evaluation and Selection


Kinetix understands that navigating host location regulations, social, cultural and language differences, new surroundings, and local resources can be difficult and frustrating. Kinetix has partnered with on-the-ground experts throughout the world to provide critical support services including area orientation, home finding assistance, and settling-in as well as a comprehensive menu of family and spousal support programs. Program length can be tailored to the specific needs of the employee and family.

Immigration Support


Kinetix provides flexible options in assignee visa and immigration support to match your program needs. We partner with the top immigration firms in the world to ensure that each employee and family receive the best possible guidance throughout the immigration process. The Kinetix Client Services manager will assist in compilation of documents, scheduling, and providing timely information in conjunction with the specifics of each case. From simple submission of social insurance documents and local filing to the most complex of cases, Kinetix covers them all.

Compensation Balance Sheet Creation

Compensation Balance Sheet

Talent Mobility programs constantly face pressure to be as cost-effective as possible, and yet provide the best possible experience. Kinetix provides in depth, expert analysis on how your program is performing, reviewing current real costs, time frames, policy, and exception data to formulate the best possible approach to move your program forward.

Optimizing your global employee relocation experience requires attention to many aspects of the entire employee relocation process. Kinetix Relo is global leader in the field and can help you run a world-class relocation program by providing:

          ● Pre-Assignment Services

          ● Transition Services

          ● On-Assignment Services

          ● Repatriation Services

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