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Household Goods Transportation

Kinetix has a unique position in the mobility industry in the management of household goods transport, operating through a network that has been refined through 30 years of partnership. We are free to utilize the best providers in each instance and in each location, as opposed to being required to source through a dedicated van line member or resource that may not meet service requirements and may add to cost through fixed/mandated in-network referral fees. With options ranging from micro and small-shipment to multiple-container shipments globally, we’ll work with you to ensure the best fit every time.

Household Goods Move Management Services

Kinetix household goods move management division coordinates thousands of moves annually to all parts of the world. We oversee an independent network of pre-qualified agents and global transportation resources to ensure your employee’s goods are transported in the most appropriate time- and cost-effective manner available. Our team is committed to providing policy and budget control, effective survey results, quality pack, load, transport and delivery of household goods, risk management/claims resolution, and permanent storage control.