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On Assignment Services

On Assignment Services can consist of ongoing language and intercultural training, additional area orientation and settling in, home country property management or disposition, expense and tax reporting, and spousal and family schooling and support services, among others.

 With Kinetix, Foreign Assignment Management is made easier through support throughout the assignment life cycle.  When your employee touches down at the host location, we make sure that they are focused on the job at hand, be it their everyday work, or making sure their family adjusts to the foreign assignment as quickly and comfortably as possible, and can do so in a way that keeps international assignment costs manageable. 

Kinetix can provide and manage On Assignment Services such as ongoing language and intercultural training, additional area orientation and settling in, home country property management or disposition, expense and tax reporting, and spousal and family schooling and support services, among others.  In addition, we can help with the day-to-day needs of foreign assignments such as banking and sourcing transportation that is suitable for the destination area, and get it set up prior to departure!  

Throughout the global assignments you place your key people on, Kinetix provides the assistance they need for everything from day to day navigation of their new home area to making sure assignment-related costs and expenses are tracked and reported effectively. Your international assignments are kept on course through easy to use mobile and web based tools that allow easy access for authorization, status, and ongoing management.

Foreign Assignment Management


Foreign assignment management requires country expertise, cultural and language acumen, and knowledge spanning the areas of housing, cost management, and tax and immigration.   Managing Expatriates on International Assignments can take a global team.  As your international assignment consultants and partners in the effort, Kinetix helps in managing international assignments from the planning and budgeting phase through repatriation and beyond.  

We know how to help in preparing employees for international assignments by educating the employee and walking them through the process, and how to reduce expatriate failure through conscientious planning, delivery, follow up, and reporting.  From end to end, we’re with you and your employees to guarantee international assignment success.

Global Assignment Policies


Global assignment policies often have to bridge the gaps between consistent and fair application of benefits, global tax , HR, and immigration compliance, and employee experience – all while keeping costs in check.  But these policies are the single-most critical tool in effective application of global assignment policies and practices.

As you set out to develop policies that meet these needs while allowing the flexibility to adjust to the volatility of the times, Kinetix can help you find the right balance.  Our team has been drafting policies for decades, but understands that today’s global mobility and relocation programs may have much different needs than have been the case in the past.  

An added benefit incorporated into the design of our consulting group is that everyone involved is not only involved in service delivery leadership, but has history in leading programs outside of the relocation management company environment, leading corporation’s programs in the past.  We feel this perspective allows us a keen understanding in the things that you find important now, and the things you will need to know in the future.

Minimizing International Assignment Costs

relocating employees to another country

Your organization needs the right talent in the right place as soon as possible, and needs them to be as effective in their role as they can be from day one. In the rush to get them on the ground and operational, you need to make sure that international assignment costs are appropriate for the case at hand, and that international assignment benefits are effective.

Kinetix supports thousands of moves every year, from and to just about every country on the globe.  Our proven global partnerships are forged in expert delivery and proven cost effectiveness. We seek to minimize international assignment expenses, but never sacrifice the service your people deserve.

Global Assignment Process


The global assignment process starts long before the employee and family depart for the destination, and goes on long after repatriation or a follow-up assignment.  Kinetix can assist with global assignment process and selection, supporting everything from pre-budgeting/estimates to policy creation to services support and repatriation.  Once all is done, we continue to stay in the loop with the reporting you need to stay compliant in your countries of operation, and deliver the data you need internally to help you manage the future of your program.

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