Pre-departure Counseling

Kinetix provides the attention and education your employees and their families need to ensure that they completely understand the resources and support available to them, the timing of each phase of delivery, their interaction with the vendors and agents involved, the expense process, and the tax and timing implications of the move. We provide expert pre-departure counseling and ongoing support throughout the assignment and after all benefits have been utilized to ensure that questions are addressed in real time at any time.

Area Orientation & Settling-In Services

Local support is critical in getting accustomed to your new home location. Through our network of ‘on the ground’ destination consultants, we can provide area tours focusing on the amenities, services, schools, and features that mean the most to your employees and their families. These services help them to transition more quickly and effectively, with introductions to everything that they will need to settle right in, including support for licenses and social security appointments as needed.

Destination Services

Kinetix understands that navigating host location regulations, social, cultural and language differences, new surroundings, and local resources can be difficult and frustrating. Kinetix has partnered with on-the-ground experts throughout the world to provide critical support services including area orientation, home finding assistance, and settling-in as well as a comprehensive menu of family and spousal support programs. Program length can be tailored to the specific needs of the employee and family.

Tax Support

Kinetix partners with global tax experts including the largest tax firms and dedicated local and regional relocation tax providers to ensure that the solution fits the need. From estimation of expense gross up to hypothetical tax calculation and production of associated reporting, Kinetix provides comprehensive coverage seamlessly integrated into the talent mobility process.

Expense Management

Kinetix provides timely expense processing and payment, comprehensive reporting, and program budgeting and reporting support. Supported by the broadest system capabilities in the industry, available through mobile technology, and allowing for secure engagement that is compliant with global data security requirements, Kinetix expense management provides a centralized solution for the financial needs of your program, and individual care for your employees. With payment turnaround of less than 4 days, web-based submission tools, expert audit against policy, and a flexible reporting and dashboard tool Kinetix removes the delay, guesswork, and emotion from the payment process.

Employee and Family Support Services

Kinetix understand the importance of family in the overall success of the assignment. To best achieve a successful transition, the family needs to easily navigate the host location, with a comfortable understanding of languages, area amenities, the local culture, educational and career opportunities for the trailing spouse/partner, and a host of other things that we take for granted in our home location. Kinetix offers area orientation and settling in services, language and intercultural training, spouse/partner support services, school search, and ongoing local support to ensure the ease of transition and ongoing success of the assignment. In addition, support is available to help accompanying spouses/partners achieve career, volunteering, and educational objectives at the host location.