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Relocation Assistance

Kinetix provides a number of relocation assistance options for short term temporary housing.  Housing needs for transferring employees can vary greatly, from brief hotel stays to extended corporate housing and even long-term rentals.  And with the varied offerings from location to location, it helps to have a guide to navigate and negotiate temporary living assistance for your employees, and to ensure that they’re provided the best options for their temporary home.

With the changes to the tax code in the U.S. in 2017 making temporary housing taxable, it’s important to make sure you get the most for your money.  Kinetix can leverage our booking volumes to negotiate the best possible rates for each area for the style, size, and location of housing for employees that you choose.  And our lease review and expense audit, processing, and reporting keeps the costs on track.

relocation assistance

Short Term Corporate Housing

short term corporate housing

Kinetix provides short term corporate housing rental support to make your employee and their family’s relocation easy.  From providing options and previews pre-departure, to handling the booking process, to meet and greet and welcome packages to ease the stress of moving an employee to a new state, we can cover it all.  

Our initial needs assessment determines preferred locations and commute times, as well as special needs like school enrollment and timing, and finds the best selection for every situation.  From here we explore potential options, amenities, and pricing, ensuring compliance with policy and providing the best selection of corporate housing to choose from.  Once a selection is made, we handle everything, making the entire process seamless and easy.

Temporary Living Assistance For Employees

 temporary-living-assistance for employees

Transferring employee and assignee housing assistance can take many forms, and Kinetix covers them all.  We coordinate temporary living assistance where and when relocating employees need it, and provide the right resources to ensure that you are positioning the employee for a successful assignment. Short term apartment rentals allow for an easy relocation transition period, and provide the flexibility to move into permanent housing or a long term rental when it makes the most sense.

Kinetix helps to keep you compliant for all of your employee home sales and relocation assignments

Temporary Housing for Employees Taxable?

temporary housing taxable

When placing employees on an international assignment, it’s critical to remember the support needed for an ongoing positive experience.  Worries about home properties, staying connected to the home location work environment, the ongoing need to address country-specific tax issues, and the impact of missing the old location and settling into the new one can be difficult for even the most seasoned expatriate.

Kinetix provides support to navigate these challenges.  With property, tax, family, housing, logistics, and destination services delivered through our expert counseling teams, we guide the transferring employee and family, providing peace of mind, and current, local, and helpful resources to make the experience the best one possible.

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