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Relocation Program Benchmarking

Relocation program benchmarking can generate huge amounts of relocation data.  Demographics, costs, location-specific information, service level feedback, mobility vendor performance, ROI, and a host of other data points and feeds can be a powerful tool in global talent mobility and talent management.  It’s important to let your program work for you.

Kinetix provides comprehensive relocation policy benchmarking.  Using relocation surveys, vendor and employee feedback, delivery team input, and thorough relocation studies, we ensure you have the relocation statistics input you need to keep your program running effectively for your organization and the key talent and their families that you move around the world.

relocation program benchmarking

Relocation Benchmarking | Relocation Policy Benchmarking

relocation benchmarking

Kinetix understands that relocation program benchmarking in pandemic and post-pandemic environments requires analysis that goes deeper than just policy cost and employee satisfaction.  For continued success, mobility policy analysis and evaluation of return on investment has to analyze data from both short and long term history, and stay tuned in to location-specific changes that impact the flow of talent from state to state or country to country.

Kinetix provides you a broader data set to work from, incorporating feedback from the thousands of relocations we manage each year, and from the feedback and analysis we engage in each day.

Kinetix helps to keep you compliant for all of your employee home sales and relocation assignments

Relocation Surveys | Relocation Program Surveys

relocate survey

When designing a corporate relocation survey, you need to consider both organizational objectives and employee and family experience to get a complete picture of program effectiveness.  In determining how to conduct a relocation survey, it can save you significant time and effort to leverage the tools available through Kinetix’s assignment management systems and proprietary relocation satisfaction survey delivery methods.  

It’s not just asking the question “What is a relocation survey” and generating point based feedback.  It’s about communicating employee’s feedback on program strengths and challenges, and then leveraging the information received to ensure mobility program effectiveness, employee retention, and positive relocation program experiences for everyone.

Relocation Statistics | Relocation Data

relocation statistics

For years, relocation industry statistics were over-managed by service providers intent on showing program effectiveness through the limiting of question sets and satisfaction scales.  But since evaluation of corporate relocation statistics is a critical step in managing ongoing mobility program effectiveness, it shouldn’t allow for such corner-cutting.  It’s imperative that evaluation takes both successes and challenges into consideration, and looks into service delivery, policy, administrative burden, vendor capability, costs, and other factors.

Kinetix helps you to sort through it all.  With deep program analysis and honest feedback, we work in partnership with you to make sure you are always running at peak performance.  And as requirements and locations change, we work with you to ensure that you continue to see the impact of global relocation trends in a way that benefits you and your employees and families.

Top Relocation Countries

Over the next year, it is likely that we may see changes in the top relocation countries as COVID restrictions change by location, perspectives on desirability change, and immigration policy sees dramatic shifts changing the landscape, resulting in a shift in the top relocation countries..  While Canada, Singapore, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand took top spots for desirability in 2020, countries that emerge from the pandemic quickly and open their borders to skilled workers the fastest may win the race for key talent seeking to make a move.

Many articles about relocation cite expanding industries and flexible, available, and capable workforces that drove rapid deployment to developing areas post-recession.  But now the key will be safety, duty of care, pandemic control, and easing of restrictions to guide the flow of talent that is eager for a change. As these things shift, Kinetix we keep a close eye on the changes and impacts affecting global mobility programs and relocation in general.

                   Top Relocation Cities

In 2020, studies of top relocation cities painted a different picture than in recent history.  With relocations to places like Salzburg, Austria, Washington DC, Cairo, Egypt and Galway, Ireland leading, the stories were about moves of choice and home work environments for global nomads.  As the picture changes again, and the talent pool gets smaller with the retirement of boomer-generation participants, we may see a return to both urban hubs and developing nations for larger volume, while still seeing nomads building a new work/life balance in places they hope to explore or retire to.

Top Relocation US Cities | Top Relocation States

For 2020, relocation to smaller cities was the key as people hoped to explore new locations in a work-from-home environment while escaping pandemic impact to larger metropolitan hubs. Top Relocation US Cities like Greenville, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Nevada, Tallahassee, Florida, Spokane Washington, and Nashville Tennessee beat out larger urban areas, who lost significant population.  Boston, New York, and Detroit each saw a large exodus, and it remains to be seen if there will be a return as property costs decrease and places are considered safe and healthy again. Kinetix is seeing shifts back to key locations for our clients, and the beginning of a shift back to locations by business necessity. 

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