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Relocation Costs | Corporate Relocation Costs

Corporate relocation costs  come from many different angles.  Employee relocation costs such as household goods moving expenses, relocation home sale and purchase, leases, even spouse and family support create direct invoices and employee submitted expense reports, and can create U.S. and foreign tax obligations that must be addressed to remain a compliant relocation program.

Kinetix’s global expense management services run through the most advanced relocation expense and assignment management system available, offering clients and transferring employees web-based and mobile applications for submission, status, and reporting.  Our expense management processes are overseen by an expert team of auditors, each having decades of experience in relocation expense processing.  For outsourcing relocation expense management with the easiest implementation and the most compliant and seamless delivery, choose Kinetix.

Estimating Relocation Costs

estimating relocation costs

At times it can be hard to get a complete picture of all of the relocation costs an assignment or permanent transfer may incur. Kinetix provides comprehensive relocation cost estimating, including pre-assignment relocation cost breakdown, group move estimates, bespoke reporting, tax estimation, and cost by service quoting to ensure that you have a clear, complete, and compliant view of all of your talent mobility program costs.

Relocation Tax | Relocation Accounting | Relocation Tax Services

relocation tax

From calculation of expatriate employee foreign tax withholding to ensuring global tax compliance, Kinetix’s relocation tax services have got you covered. 

As part of the implementation process, Kinetix will work in conjunction with each client to establish appropriate relocation tax treatment preferences and engage appropriate domestic and foreign tax services for support.  The process is dedicated to both effective internal employee expense reporting and global tax compliance, and follows the most current tax international tax regulations in real time.  All foreign employee payroll tax reporting reflecting treatment will be provided to our clients and the employee at predetermined intervals to meet local tax submission requirements.

Reporting periods dictated by each client are strictly adhered to, and the system will calculate tax obligations for each employee’s expenses as instructed during the implementation process. If needed, Kinetix can provide guidance on tax assistance/gross-up methodologies through our tax partners, and will calculate assistance and report out based upon a strict agreed-upon schedule.

Keeping Corporate Relocation Costs Down | Outsourcing Relocation Expense Management


When a company gets comfortable in processing relocation expenses without auditing them for adherence to policy and cost effective vendor pricing, mobility program costs can creep up significantly.  Things like monitoring the data in your cost of living comparison for appropriate adjustment, finding competitive foreign housing cost, and even watching for hidden or excessive spending as part of your international repatriation cost takes a trained eye and constant vigilance.

Kinetix watches each relocation closely, managing vendor costs, expense audit and reimbursement, cost of living adjustments, household goods moving costs, even performing home sale and purchase transaction cost audits.  It’s our constant attention to the details of your program; applying the best current practices, systems, and people to the effort to keep global talent costs down and reimbursements and reporting timely and effective.

Kinetix destination services support makes you feel at home as soon as you reach your destination

Relocation Reports | Relocation Program KPI Reporting | Relocation Program Reports

relocation reports

Delivering a fantastic employee, family, and client relocation experience is key to everything we do at Kinetix.  For transferring employees and families, it’s about a smooth transition to a place they immediately feel at home in.  For Kinetix clients, it’s about ease of delivery, relocation program  cost containment, and robust and easily-accessible relocation expense reporting.   Relocation program reports including everything from transferring employee relocation expense reports to global tax reporting that includes everything from hypothetical tax calculation pre-assignment to post assignment multi-country.

Relocation Expenses | Relocation Expense Administration | Relocation Expense Management

relocation expenses

Kinetix provides an online expense reimbursement tool through our MoveTrack Web Access (MWA) and Mobile App. Both allow for easy to use employee submission of relocation expenses, and facilitate easy outsourcing of relocation expense management for compliance, efficiency, and accountability in your program.   

Upon initiation, transferring employees will be provided expense reimbursement instructions, enabling them to submit expenses, access reporting, and retrieve status updates through the portal. 

Easy expense system access to our web-based secure mobile applications provide the option to enter each expense and define category, event, and amounts. They allow the employee to scan receipts for download and input of photo files as backup for audit purposes. Upon entry, Kinetix is notified of the pending expense and our expense processing group initiates the audit of the expenses submitted against policy (relocation or travel, as appropriate). As an added benefit, the system provides pre-programmed guidance to the employee on acceptable expense categories and applicable limits as well, and generates the most comprehensive reporting available for submission of domestic taxes and in adherence to rules on submission to address foreign tax costs.

Relocation Software | Relocation Expense Management Software

relocation software

In addition to the strong team of employee expense management audit professionals working for our clients and their transferees, Kinetix employs world-class technology to aid in the support of the relocation process. Our employee expense submission software and assignment management programs, coupled with our mobile applications are not intended to replace human contact, but rather to enable and empower clients and their employees to submit for relocation expense reimbursements and retrieve personal information and relevant relocation data when and where it works for them. 

Our user-friendly and highly intuitive mobile expense submission app will allow everyone from local transfers to seasoned expatriates to spend more time working and less time sorting through paperwork. The benefit to Our Client, of course, is that your employee productivity increases because your employees are focused and happy.

Making sure your assignees and their families feel right is key. Kinext Relo can help you with:

● Relocating Employees to Another Country

● Area Evaluation and Selection

● Logistics Planning

● Housing and Family Support

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