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Relocation Mortgages

Relocating home buyers have an advantage when searching for a relocation mortgage loan.  With many of their closing costs covered through a relocation mortgage program, relocation mortgage lenders consider them to be easier to close due to their relocation mortgage subsidies  and assistance they get in managing the process.  Kinetix provides a selection of relocation mortgage companies that are unaffiliated with us, to ensure lack of bias, allow for thorough vetting and higher service expectations, and ensure an easy process and great experience.

While most programs we manage may allow for an equity advance or provide a guaranteed buyout home sale option, our mortgage providers and broker network are available to support anyone in need, regardless of the level of support from their organization.  Whether taking part in a buyer value option program with an equity advance or a company purchase through a relocation appraisal, we provide the seamless coverage from selection of a mortgage vendor through close of escrow to make the experience a great one.

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Relocation Mortgage Assistance | Relocation Mortgage Program

relocation mortgage assistance

Many Relocation Management Companies run their own mortgage groups.  It’s their prerogative to try to capitalize on the markets they operate within.  But the special circumstances around relocation home purchase and the complexity of the process demand more attention than a fixed offering of affiliated mortgage providers.  From high income stream and net worth individuals to those just starting out as first time home buyers, Kinetix has a broad array of mortgage provider options to meet every need.

Relocation Mortgage Loans

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Kinetix provides support for obtaining Relocation Mortgage Loans that take into consideration special timing and lending guidelines for employee moves, and gives your employees a diverse, vetted set of national mortgage providers to fit their specific needs.  With fixed and adjustable rate options, and everything from bridge to short and long-term products, we’ve got the options to take care of your needs.

Relocation Mortgage Lenders | Relocation Mortgage Companies

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Relocation mortgage lenders understand the specific needs of relocating families.  The timing of relocation processes sometimes can surprise traditional lenders and mortgage brokers.  We help to manage the process, communicating the timing of transfer of ownership, equity advances and payments, and home purchase to our lenders to ensure that the purchase process is kept on schedule. 

Relocation Mortgage Assistance | Relocation Mortgage Subsidy

Kinetix preferred mortgage providers provide the options needed to cover a vast array of needs.  A wide selection of mortgage products, an understanding of the impact on relocation benefits to cash out of pocket and closing costs, and the potential for competitive or below-market interest rates make the choices provided valuable as you plan the purchase side of your relocation process.  While current rates don’t necessarily warrant interest rate buydowns, options exist to bring the rates even lower if desired.

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