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Relocation Policy

Effective relocation policy starts the transfer experience on a path to success.  From domestic renter to international localization policy, effective counseling and delivery requires an experienced person to provide insight into both the potential challenges and the best practices and approach.

Foreign assignment relocation policy has distinct segments that may require experts for each, with employee immigration policy and international tax policy being the most intricate and impactful.

So corporate relocation policy counseling  is the key to a smooth transfer.  Pieces like international housing policy and logistics planning and delivery can seem less technical, but the emotion of leaving home and losing sight of your possessions for a while can be stressful.  Kinetix knows this well, and provides 24/7 real-time support to keep your people updated every step of the way.

Corporate Relocation Policy


There is a long-term depth to the delivery of an effective corporate relocation policy. Managing employee relocation to create a great employee and family experience  can have a significant impact on employee and family happiness during the process, productivity in the short term, and retaining top talent in the long term.  

Executive relocation packages are more than just money to move.  Reimbursement should be timed effectively to make sure the employee isn’t out of pocket the money they spend on relocation expenses for too long, without overextending budgets and carrying debt that can be more effectively managed.  Kinetix helps with everything, from the eccentricities of reimbursement timing and planning, to tax reporting and internal program reporting to match your preferred KPI’s.

Domestic Assignment Policy


Domestic U.S. relocation programs operate through a host of policy types, from Lump Sum payments to more complex Guaranteed Buyout home sale programs.  At first glance, things like Lump Sum can look easy to administer, and the rules dictating application of an amended value home sale program can seem pretty straight-forward.  But once you dig in, you find that amounts for lump sum vary widely, and administering a GBO or BVO program takes a broad understanding of the rules and the moving parts.  Kinetix provides everything you need to navigate the complexities of policy and program creation.  From policy benchmarking and evaluation of current markets to capture and analysis of program feedback and data, Kinetix brings you an innovative set of tools managed through an expert team that has created and managed hundreds of domestic and global relocation policies.

Employee Immigration Policy


When placing key talent around the world, employer obligations in ensuring immigration law compliance are a critical part of the deployment.  A sound employee immigration strategy starts during the selection process, by building an understanding of each candidate’s eligibility requirements for work in the host country.  

Kinetix has partners on the ground throughout the world that can guide you in the setting of strategy for the support of each transferring employee to make sure they are following the fastest path to work eligibility within the rules of the host.  We partner throughout the process, assisting in the communication of needs and the transfer of information from both sides, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for you, your employees, and their transferring family members.

Kinetix helps to keep you compliant for all of your employee home sales and relocation assignments


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