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Relocation Policy | Assessment and Counseling

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Family care and support is the most critical thing in the success of any assignment.  As your employee settles into the new work location, their family may need extra attention to ensure that they make the adjustments needed with ease and minimal stress. Employee family support through Kinetix’s destination support and family services is designed to start working the family pre-departure, carrying them through the home and school search process, and helping the family adjust to the new culture, surroundings, and features of their new home.

Equally important is supporting the employee’s spouse while on assignment or after arrival at the new permanent location.  Kinetix Spousal Support can help with career alternatives, furthering education, and even volunteer opportunities at the new home location, underscoring the importance of the happiness and success of the spouse as they define their new direction.  

Not to forget the special attention needed for your families’ pets, even the challenges of bringing them on assignment or permanent transfer can be addressed, with destination requirements, transportation, and helpful hints to make sure they get to the new home safe and sound.

Pre-decision Relocation Counseling | Relocation Package Negotiation

pre-decision relocation counseling

Cultural Adaptation to the host location can make every assignment so much easier.  With a cultural roadmap and a better understanding of how they act and react in specific situations, your employee and family can easily navigate work, school, and social interactions.  And with clearer communication and understanding, work, learning, and enjoying the host country becomes that much more engaging and fulfilling.

Kinetix offers support through renowned intercultural and language training firms for a broad range of programs, including on-line assessment and training tools, immersion courses, and multiple-day and group training programs.

Relocation Policy Exception Management

relocation policy exception management

Moving for a spouse or partner’s job can be an extremely challenging event, but with effective planning and support, it can lead to an amazing experience that is mutually beneficial and enriching.  Kinetix can help on a number of levels, including career and continuing education counseling, volunteer opportunities, and even helping to build a supportive network of contacts at the host location. Through our network of destination counselors and spouse/partner relocation transition service providers, we make sure the right attention is paid to the employee’s spouse or partner’s needs to make sure the move is a successful one for everyone involved.

Kinetix helps to keep you compliant for all of your international assignments

Relocation Policy Counseling | Relocation Employee Counseling

relocation policy counseling

When planning to move your key talent, family services are critical to success.  Kinetix helps you to provide a comprehensive support program to your employees and their families during their transfer or assignment.  Our spousal support, school search, and area orientation and settling in programs, combined with an effective policy and relocation plan, can reduce post-transfer attrition and remove the common pitfalls that may impair the assignment 

Kinetix’s Spousal Support programs help the accompanying spouse or partner with employment search, volunteering opportunities, continuing education, and other efforts and concerns as they work to get established in the new area.  Children are supported too, with special programs to help them acclimatize to their new school and surroundings.

Relocation Needs Assessment | Relocation Benefits Counseling

relocation needs assessment

Relocating families normally use  school data, commute time, and housing costs as the three top criteria when looking for their new home at their destination.  School choices rise to the top as the most critical piece, and are instrumental in assignment success.  Choosing from private school options, religious schools, international schools, public schools, and even considerations on homeschooling can impact every facet of the move.

Kinetix can help.  With destination services providers and school search support throughout the U.S. and globally, we can find the right fit for everyone.  We’ll start with a pre-assignment needs assessment to determine the employee and family’s needs, preferences, and depth of understanding of schooling options at the host/destination location.  As needed and as allowed per policy, we’ll provide support and resources for school search, interview, testing, and admissions processes.  We can even enlist destination service resources to help with preschool, networks for play groups, nursery/childcare options, and social networking within expatriate and transfer groups.

 Explaining Relocation to Employees

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At times the most impactful thing you can do in support of your key talent is to make sure they arrive at their new home with a solid understanding of how to navigate local culture, and a basic ability to communicate.   Understanding cultural norms and customs has benefits in business, social networks, and school, and helps your employees and families to build lifelong relationships.  Kinetix provides cultural training that helps your expatriates and families to enter the new location with a sense of confidence, and helps in avoiding awkward situations through an understanding of their own cultural biases and those of the host country. From employees deeply immersed in the host culture at work, to youths and teens acclimating, intercultural training for employees is an important part of a successful transfer program.

Employee language training has an equally critical impact on employee and family success. Kinetix can tailor the language training program to provide everything from basic terms and phrases to specific dialects and language and vocabulary specific to your industry.  And with language training programs from hourly-based basic training to full immersion, we can find the right cost and program depth for every situation.

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