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Relocation Program Innovation

A sound approach to global mobility and relocation program innovation requires a combination of technological savvy and a depth of mobility service delivery experience.  Relocation program software should enable the best experience, not be the only thing that engages with your people.

Talent mobility best practices are enabled by Kinetix people, well-versed in delivery, experts at system implementation and use, and caring and responsive.  Whether delivering a standard tiered-approach domestic program, or offering agile support to rotational assignments and global employee exchange programs, assignment software, when best applied, guarantees the best experience and the most accurate feedback.  

Kinetix operates through the most optimally functional global assignment management system available today.  Our seasoned team of experts maximizes the use of our platform, but never forgets the people we serve in the process.

In many instances, relocation program innovation happens on the fly.  Kinetix operates through state of the art assignment management systems and mobile applications technology, but we also look for program efficiency in timing, delivery, and the vendor selection and management process.  We capture a lot of usable big data, and apply historical and predictive analytics to set the appropriate course for each program and person we serve.

All of this serves Kinetix and our clients by helping us to operate more efficiently.  Whether it’s reducing your relocation spend through more efficient processes and program level-setting, or creating a better and more stress-free experience for the people you move, our constant,  caring, and focused innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Relocation Program Innovation

Our Kinetix relocation service managers operate through a comprehensive assignment management software suite that incorporates a host of functionality which includes:

  • Domestic U.S. and international expense processing
  • Tax calculation
  • Standard and ad-hoc  reporting including year-end summary reporting
  • Assignment scheduling and management
  • Vendor assignment and management
  • Automatic notes and documents functions
  • Currency conversion
  • and more!

 While the core of service delivery and employee experience is supported by a purpose-built assignment management software, it’s still our people and their dedicated and caring approach to the relocation process that makes our program delivery so effective.

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