Kinetix Relocation specializes in the design and delivery of innovative programs for organizations of all sizes. Whether our clients transfer the occasional new hire or have a mature program that relocates senior executives on a regular basis, Kinetix is prepared to deliver a best in class process to ensure a smooth and cost effective move and an exceptional employee experience anywhere in the world.

Housing and Property Management

Whether at your departure or destination, Kinetix helps you to take the steps needed to tie up details of your old home and set up a new one, regardless of whether you rent or own, no matter where you live.  With a host of money saving options for home sale and rental support and a global network of temporary accommodations, we have all the options you need.

Rental Assistance

When your transferring employees choose to rent, Kinetix offers multiple levels of assistance based upon specific needs. Kinetix can provide pre-move area and option tours, can source properties in every domestic and global location, can set up utilities and can coordinate pre- and post-occupancy inspections and payments. When the time comes to leave your rented home, Kinetix can assist in closing out the lease and doing everything possible to maximize the potential for a successful transition.

Home Sale Services

Kinetix provides a comprehensive suite of home sale services, including administration of amended-sale programs, support of direct reimbursement, and home marketing. Our team will employ the home location’s top relocation-savvy real estate agents to guide your employees, and we’ll walk you through each phase of the home sale process: setting appropriate value, prepping the property for sale, listing, selling, and closing the sale. We provide a host of options in support of corporate home amended sale programs, and the legal, financial, and tax experts needed to remain compliant and efficient in the delivery of your program.

Home Purchase Services

Our local experts provide comprehensive area information, giving your employees everything they need to navigate neighborhoods and area amenities, focusing in on the best places to live to suit their needs. We provide agent and / or Realtor support, title services, equity payment support, and mortgage services to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

Property & Tenancy Management

Kinetix provides local support for management of properties while your employees and families are on assignment. Whether keeping the property vacant for a short term or renting out to a tenant for a multi-year assignment, Kinetix can provide maintenance, security, utility payment, and tenant review and management services regardless of location or property type.

Temporary Housing

Sometimes the timing of the move is such that Transferees and their families need a home away from home during the transition. They deserve a soft entry into the new home community while they become familiar with the new workplace and assimilate into the new living environment. Kinetix provides choices through independent temporary housing providers that deliver quality interim properties with great amenities at multiple price points as the family’s ‘first stop’ en route to their new home.

Household Goods Transportation

Kinetix has a unique position in the mobility industry in the management of household goods transport, operating through a network that has been refined through 30 years of partnership. We are free to utilize the best providers in each instance and in each location, as opposed to being required to source through a dedicated van line member or resource that may not meet service requirements and may add to cost through fixed/mandated in-network referral fees. With options ranging from micro and small-shipment to multiple-container shipments globally, we’ll work with you to ensure the best fit every time.

Area Orientation & Settling-In Services

Local support is critical in getting accustomed to your new home location. Through our network of ‘on the ground’ destination consultants, we can provide area tours focusing on the amenities, services, schools, and features that mean the most to your employees and their families. These services help them to transition more quickly and effectively, with introductions to everything that they will need to settle right in, including support for licenses and social security appointments as needed.

Pre-departure Counseling

Kinetix provides the attention and education your employees and their families need to ensure that they completely understand the resources and support available to them, the timing of each phase of delivery, their interaction with the vendors and agents involved, the expense process, and the tax and timing implications of the move. We provide expert pre-departure counseling and ongoing support throughout the assignment and after all benefits have been utilized to ensure that questions are addressed in real time at any time.

Visa and Immigration Support

Kinetix provides flexible options in immigration support to match your program needs. We partner with the top immigration firms in the world to ensure that each employee and family receive the best possible guidance throughout the immigration process. The Kinetix Client Services manager will assist in compilation of documents, scheduling, and providing timely information in conjunction with the specifics of each case. From simple submission of social insurance documents and local filing to the most complex of cases, Kinetix covers them all.

Global Banking Programs

Kinetix global banking programs offer options for transferring employees to access funds regardless of location and to establish credit history that crosses borders without exposure to excessive fees and limitations. Kinetix partners with banking experts who can work with incoming transferees in advance of their arrival to ensure a smooth financial transition. Expatriates will have access to credit, including traditional charge cards and home mortgages where appropriate, and be able to deposit and access funds for bill pay and personal expenses as if operating in their home location.

Tax Support

Kinetix partners with global tax experts including the largest tax firms and dedicated local and regional relocation tax providers to ensure that the solution fits the need. From estimation of expense gross up to hypothetical tax calculation and production of associated reporting, Kinetix provides comprehensive coverage seamlessly integrated into the talent mobility process.

Temporary Housing Support

Housing options can vary greatly in the U.S. and around the world. Kinetix’s expert Client Services Managers have years of experience navigating global temporary housing markets and options, and partnering with local resources in every location to ensure that the best properties within each budget are offered. Kinetix offers property search, entry and exit inspection, lease negotiation, and financial support to make short-term housing procurement easy and stress-free.

Cost of Living Reporting and Analysis

Kinetix provides Cost of Living Allowance review and reporting, Compensation Balance Sheet support, and associated analysis to ensure that your program appropriately mitigates cost impact to your employees, while staying up to date with shifts in local costs, tax impacts and currency conversion. Data can be sourced through a number of options including your preferred provider (where appropriate).

Automobile Lease and Purchase Assistance

Leasing or purchasing an automobile for a foreign national entering the US without credit history has been a constant dilemma. Kinetix partners with specialists who can design both structured lease and purchase programs, or open ended packages which offer flexibility in costs, terms, and auto manufacturers.

Destination Services

Kinetix understands that navigating host location regulations, social, cultural and language differences, new surroundings, and local resources can be difficult and frustrating. Kinetix has partnered with on-the-ground experts throughout the world to provide critical support services including area orientation, home finding assistance, and settling-in as well as a comprehensive menu of family and spousal support programs. Program length can be tailored to the specific needs of the employee and family.

Policy Review, Design, and Creation

Kinetix knows that the foundation of an effective program is a current, clear, complaint, and precise mobility policy. To ensure the best possible client, employee, and family experience, it’s imperative that we understand a corporation’s culture, goals, and objectives, their employee and strategic perspectives, the markets they operate within, and the program definition and processes to remain compliant based upon the most up-to-date regulatory demands. Kinetix reviews our client’s programs to assess effectiveness of policy, delivery structure, vendor choices, cost components, fit to objectives, culture, and demographics both during implementation and regularly during ongoing delivery of services. As any of these pieces shift, or if exception requests or best practices warrant a review and adjustment, Kinetix will automatically provide feedback on the best action to take.

Family Support Services

Kinetix understand the importance of family in the overall success of the assignment. To best achieve a successful transition, the family needs to easily navigate the host location, with a comfortable understanding of languages, area amenities, the local culture, educational and career opportunities for the trailing spouse/partner, and a host of other things that we take for granted in our home location. Kinetix offers area orientation and settling in services, language and intercultural training, spouse/partner support services, school search, and ongoing local support to ensure the ease of transition and ongoing success of the assignment. In addition, support is available to help accompanying spouses/partners achieve career, volunteering, and educational objectives at the host location.

Expense Management

Kinetix provides timely expense processing and payment, comprehensive reporting, and program budgeting and reporting support. Supported by the broadest system capabilities in the industry, available through mobile technology, and allowing for secure engagement that is compliant with global data security requirements, Kinetix expense management provides a centralized solution for the financial needs of your program, and individual care for your employees. With payment turnaround of less than 4 days, web-based submission tools, expert audit against policy, and a flexible reporting and dashboard tool Kinetix removes the delay, guesswork, and emotion from the payment process.

Household Goods Move Management Services

Kinetix household goods move management division coordinates thousands of moves annually to all parts of the world. We oversee an independent network of pre-qualified agents and global transportation resources to ensure your employee’s goods are transported in the most appropriate time- and cost-effective manner available. Our team is committed to providing policy and budget control, effective survey results, quality pack, load, transport and delivery of household goods, risk management/claims resolution, and permanent storage control.



Kinetix writes relocation policy for clients in a number of sectors, allowing us current insight into practices employed in a host of situations, with varying objectives, and under a diverse set of cost constraints and models. The data and knowledge generated is employed by Kinetix Consulting Services to give you a clear view of your program’s positioning and competitiveness, and to allow you insight and objectivity in planning the benefits applied to your program.

Policy Design

Policy design requires convergence of a current involvement in delivery of services, an understanding of market and legislative impact and compliance, an engaged discussion within the client business or businesses on their constraints and objectives, and a caring eye to the varied needs of the families we support. We apply these through experienced, innovative experts to ensure that your policy reflects your organization, your people, and the best possible way to facilitate talent mobility in a way that works for you.

Cost Evaluation

Talent Mobility programs constantly face pressure to be as cost-effective as possible, and yet provide the best possible experience. Kinetix provides in depth, expert analysis on how your program is performing, reviewing current real costs, time frames, policy, and exception data to formulate the best possible approach to move your program forward.

Market and Legislative Impact

When economic conditions change, individual markets change, or programs are impacted by changes in legislation, Kinetix is the first to respond and instruct on the impact to your program costs. We can evaluate impact based upon an understanding of the changed condition, and provide relevant, current feedback from across our client and vendor base to help you navigate the new normal most effectively.

Host Departure Services

Working closely with the host country service providers within our preferred global network, we arrange all activities required to terminate a lease in the host location, from apartment walk through/inspection and utility shut-offs to security deposit collection and mail re-routing.  As a matter of best practice, Kinetix highly recommends an initial documented walk-through upon lease signing in order to increase the opportunity to collect the security deposit upon departure from the host location. 

Consulting Services

Kinetix provides policy review, design, and construction; program evaluation, benchmarking, restructuring, and cost estimation for the largest corporate/government groups, as well as to startups and NGO environments. Our policies provide guidance to clients with as few as 1 move annually to those with thousands of moves  a year, giving you the foundation needed for quick response, confidence in delivery, and a superior employee experience.