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Transition Services and the Global Mobility Employee Experience

The prospect of your employees moving themselves with or without a family as part of a company-sponsored relocation is a daunting one.  Starting with the uprooting from home and the things they are used to in daily life, the transferee experience brings new experiences every day that can be seen as challenges and obstacles, or can become amazing life-enriching experiences. 

In international and domestic relocations, employees relocating with strong support from a transition services team have a better assignment experience, and show more employee loyalty and long-term retention than those without.  They tend to be retained upon repatriation or through subsequent assignments, and are great mentors for future high-potential employees as well.

Kinetix provides a comprehensive set of transition services to help employees and families feel at home in their new location quickly, and be productive and happy in their new roles at their destination.  Employees are provided with the care and guidance needed for the best possible global employee experience.   From home disposition (to sell a home or end a lease), to rental search, school search, language and intercultural training, and even expense services (to make expense submission and tax reporting easier), we focus on a seamless and easy assignee experience. 

The logistics of any transfer can also affect the transferee experience.  Moving years’ worth of personal belongings, or even deciding what can and can’t be brought along, is one of the most impactful events in the process, and takes a caring and confident guide with an understanding of the move process and country-specific restrictions.  Kinetix makes sure that you not only have the information you need setting out, but that you have access to the status and location of your things until they are safely delivered into your new home.

International Relocations – Challenges and Opportunities


Every country comes with its own set of challenges for employees experiencing international relocations.  Taxes, immigration, local permitting, even getting to and from work, home, and school can require new skills and different ways of thinking.   But the opportunity to see new and amazing places, learn new languages and cultures, and expand one’s global business knowledge is always worth the effort.  So Kinetix helps you with the physical and transactional parts of the experience, so the assignee can focus on the parts that are more enriching, enjoyable, and productive.

Global Mobility Employee Experience Metrics


The employee global mobility experience differs in every single case.  Through careful data collection and analysis, Kinetix sees trends that can be used to validate your policy, course-correct, enhance, and create efficiencies.  We gather feedback at every step of the process, through employee, client, and vendor surveys that are carefully evaluated and shared with our clients.  From basic metrics such as satisfaction and timeliness to complex evaluation of home sale program metrics and exception tracking, we cover it all to make sure you have the data you need to best manage your program.

Global Mobility Employee Experience Strategy 

The best global mobility employee experience strategy is one that stays in tune with, and effectively balances, program feedback with what’s happening on the ground in the places your employees live and work.  There are myriad factors to consider; housing markets, local amenities and neighborhoods, commute times, licensing, permits, and local requirements, tax, cost of living, and family needs.  

Let Kinetix take care of those.  We’ll work with your people and their families to make sure that their needs are covered in concert with the mobility program benefits and strategy you desire.  We’ll provide feedback on program effectiveness, and help you set strategy as your company’s needs and direction change and grow.

Your Global Mobility Program and Employee Loyalty


A well-run global mobility program makes employees feel cared for and important.  It helps them to understand that they are part of an organization that believes employee loyalty is created in an environment allowing an exchange for developmental opportunities.   Proper mobility program support, mentorship while abroad, and a clear pathway through the assignment and beyond gives employees a feeling of belonging and pride in an organization, and makes them much more productive in a shorter period of time.  It’s truly a win-win.

Kinetix manages programs to allow our clients to place and manage the critical key talent they need in their operations.  We provide reporting that gives real-time data to the people that need it, enabling your organization to turn quickly in response to today’s challenges.  We’re on your team.

Global Mobility Employee Experience Best Practices


Global mobility employee best practices have changed drastically over the past decade, the past year, and certainly in the past few months.   But large-scale Relocation Management Companies tend to have a vested interest in you keeping certain components in your global mobility program, due to their reliance on specific revenue streams that allow a perceived zero-fee offering.  The reality is, each employee’s experience differs; without a managed yet flexible approach, you may be providing benefits that aren’t a best fit for you, your budgets, or your key talent.

Kinetix completes a full program and policy review regularly for our clients, to ensure that the benefits applied at any given time are the best practice for the period of the transfer.  We provide both real-time data updates and access, and constant, easy-to-understand feedback to ensure that your policy is right on target, and responsive to the needs of every day.


Uprooting employees to put them on assignment can be viewed by the employees either as challenges, or as life-enriching experiences. Kinetix Relo can help ensure your employees have a positive experience, by providing:

                    ● Transition Services

                    ● Global Mobility Best Practices

                    ● Employee Experience Metrics

                    ● International Relocation Support

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