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US Relocation Company

Most Domestic US Relocation Companies are reliant on volume and delivery of specific services such as home sale services to guarantee their attention to the program.  Kinetix works with programs of every volume, supporting Domestic Employee Moves needing everything from a single service to a broad – based comprehensive set of benefits to and from every corner of the United States and around the world.

In U.S. Relocation and in programs Kinetix supports around the world, we believe in flexibility, care, client awareness, and technological innovation.  Contrary to the standard Domestic Relocation Companies mantra, we believe one size doesn’t fit all, but there are practices that can be shared amongst programs for the best result.  And most of all, we believe in the power of our people and the partnerships they create with those we serve.  It is the foundation of everything we do.

U.S. Domestic Relocation Services


When your people are undergoing relocation to another state, whether just next door or across the country, they need Kinetix.  Whether a single-service request for housing, expense, move, or family support, or a full-service executive level move with everything available under the sun, we have you covered.  Kinetix is proud to offer the following services throughout the United States (International Services also available):


  • movement and storage of personal belongings,
  • ending and initiating leases,
  • short and long term temporary housing,
  • property sale and purchase (beneficial tax programs exist),
  • area orientation and settling-in services,
  • expense management and reporting including payroll reporting/integration,
  • mortgage programs,
  • cost of living analysis and point-to-point comparisons, and
  • spouse and family support programs.


Domestic Relocation


Kinetix supports expert delivery of domestic relocation packages and programs, with the most stable and experienced team in the business.  Our counselors average over 15 years in the delivery of domestic and international relocation services, and have supported hundreds of clients and thousands of moves in the process.  

From the simplest of moves to the most complex of full-service high-volume programs, Kinetix covers it all.



Domestic Employee Moves


Recent events such as the pandemic have impacted  the short and long-term residency of employees. As they make choices that might impact organizations based upon where they work, it’s important to have someone on your side to effectively track those employees that are moving as a specific request of the company. When managing an employee’s state-to-state moves within a relocation program, there are a number of considerations to be addressed to remain compliant from a tax and payroll reporting perspective.  

Kinetix can help you to manage the timing of the transition, guide you on steps to best address the implications of multi-state taxation, and give your employee and their family the information and plan they need for a successful relocation.

US Relocation Movers

Sometimes, it’s just about the basics.  Logistics can seem like a price-driven commodity, but there are some caveats to be aware of when you manage a move.  Kinetix manages thousands of moves each year, including those for both  U.S. Relocation and International Relocation.

With a reach that spans every inch of the United States and across the globe, we have tried and tested partners everywhere.  And with the volume we manage, the prices we can achieve allow us to pass savings on to you.  When planning your move, reach out to Kinetix.

Domestic Relocation Program

Kinetix provides relocation policy review, design, and construction; program evaluation, benchmarking, and cost estimation for the largest corporate and government groups, as well as to startups and NGO environments. Our policies provide guidance to clients with as few as 1 move annually to those with thousands of moves  a year, giving you the foundation needed for quick response, confidence in delivery, and a superior employee experience.

Our domestic policy benchmarking process follows domestic relocation policy trends, but does so with the understanding that domestic relocation program design requires application of best practices for the time and market they are applied within, and with an eye to a program that is sustainable in the long term.

Domestic Relocation Policy

Kinetix provides a wide array of consulting services to support domestic relocation policy design, implementation, and delivery. From establishing general relocation reimbursement policy to building out domestic home sale and full service global mobility policy and expatriate benefits, Kinetix is well versed in relocation policy best practices , and has created countless programs and policies over the years.  

Our consulting services group is happy to provide a no-cost evaluation of your current policy, or to connect for a program needs assessment to start your policy creation process on the right path.

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