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At Kinetix, it’s not just about corporate relocation.  Kinetix specializes in moving people around the world, from intra-state U.S. relocation to transfers spanning the globe.  And we don’t just partner with corporations – we’re the go-to relocation company for employee relocation, managing relocation services delivery and design and delivering mobility programs for corporations, governments, NGOs and Nonprofits alike. 

Corporate Relocation Services and Relocation Program Management needs vary.  Whether managing domestic relocation or international relocation services, Kinetix merges flexibility, capability, and adaptability for the best possible experience and result.

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Corporate Relocation| Relocation Company | Employee Relocation

Employee relocation needs can vary significantly from case to case. Kinetix supports them all, from the simplest of Lump Sum payments covering basic relocation expenses to the most complex of executive relocations.  We also understand that volumes and needs can change over time.  So Kinetix crafts each policy, each service request, and each client and employee engagement specifically to its needs.   

Kinetix has your program covered, whether you move one employee locally or thousands around the globe.  Your objectives are matched with the best counseling, vendors, feedback,  and compliance and cost measures to ensure that everything operates efficiently and effectively. In the midst of a Relocation RFP or considering one?  Kinetix can help you to strategize, create question sets and KPI’s, and set objectives for program performance that will help you on the path to program performance.

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Corporate Relocation Companies and Why Kinextix Relo is Different

The Kinetix difference is in our DNA.  We started as a global company, and have been fortunate over our 35+ years to create an exceptional team and a valued network of partners around the world for everything an employee and family may need.  Our partners, Corporate Relocation Specialists, Relocation Consultants, and Move Managers on our global relocation team make everything easier while they make every location feel like home.  

Our systems are simultaneously simple to use and cutting-edge.  Whether operating within the web and app-based portals for authorization, relocation status, or reporting or having us provide the relocation reporting and program feedback for them, everything is available to our clients in real time.

Our people are the most seasoned and capable people in the industry.  Our corporate relocation consultants have an average of 20 years of experience, most managing both service delivery and running corporate or government programs internally.  And our leadership team is made up of a diverse group of talents in logistics and mobility.  While most of the team has been together for over 25 years, the infusion of new ideas and strengths is key to our continued innovation and success.

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Relocation Management | Corporate Relo Programs

Corporate Relocation Management is best supported by hard work, listening, technology, and compassion.  Employee relocation can be a traumatic thing.  Uprooting one’s self or one’s family is a huge decision, as is moving key talent out of a successful role in hopes of replicating that success elsewhere.  Kinetix understands the importance of getting it right, making sure we employ the expert knowledge, the global reach, the local expertise, and the listening skills to build and deliver the right plan, policy, and program every time.

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Kinetix helps to keep you compliant for all of your international assignments

Corporate Relocation Services| Relocating Service

Kinetix is unique in the world of relocation service companies and relocation solutions options in that our primary focus is building a program that is specifically tailored to your organizational objectives while delivering services that balance cost, compliance, and care. From innovative lump sum relocation and managed lump sum program support through bespoke or comprehensive executive relocation services addressing every need, our teams ensure that policy, delivery, and feedback meet the most stringent of performance goals while demonstrating the care and understanding you want to represent in your organization’s culture.

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International Relocations | International Relocation Services

Global relocation management companies have varying levels of expertise, history, and coverage in international relocation.  Kinetix started over 30 years ago, building capabilities on a global scale, but understanding the importance of applying very granular local knowledge to each process, whether being delivered in New York City or the Netherlands, Denver or Djibouti. As we have grown, we’ve become the best relocation management company option for transferee relocation regardless of needs, location, or budget. 

Kinetix helps to keep you compliant for all of your international assignments.

Domestic Relocations | Relocating Employees to the US

In many ways, corporate relocation programs in the U.S. can be more complex than overseas transfers.  Complex home sale programs and changing tax rules can have the greatest cost impact and shift employee use and perception of value.  With shifting tax benefits and volatile markets for housing and moving support, it’s critical to understand the things that can make a seemingly basic U.S. Relocation, whether across a state or cross-country, into a very complex task.

Kinetix  can simplify all of it, from the most basic of single-service and lump sum programs to the most advanced corporate home sale guaranteed buyout programs.  We deliver these things each day, providing relocation program delivery across the United States and around the world, with resources in every location to make your people feel right at home.

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Relocation Program | Relocation Program Management | Relocation Program Policies

The right relocation program and policies can have far-reaching positive impacts on morale, culture, employee retention, and overall talent strategy.  Your corporate relo program is critical for employee career planning, development of key talent, and even organizational strategy as you expand to meet market and growth objectives.  Having Kinetix manage your international mobility delivery and domestic U.S. Relocation program provides the best foundation on which to build the employee experience.

“You were so patient and supportive throughout this process! We can not thank you enough for your knowledge and calm demeanor while we were in the midst of chaos! You are incredible at what you do!

- The Celestines'

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