Corporate Destination Services
Area Orientation and Settling-In Services

Corporate Destination Services

The key to every successful transfer is helping the employee and family feel at home in their new location.  Kinetix provides corporate destination services that help to uncover the right neighborhoods, amenities, schools, and homes, making sure your people feel right at home from day 1.  Using our global destination company partners for comprehensive domestic and global destination services delivery and management, we support the experience with experts on the ground at the relocation destination.  

Relocation area orientation can be faster paced than a typical area selection.   With a restricted number of days, settling in services pre-work must be carefully coordinated to ensure relocation area evaluation and orientation leads to appropriate area selection.  Kinetix combines a calculated relocation needs assessment and systems allowing effective information sharing to ensure that the employee and family’s needs translate into the best possible relocation area selection.

Area Orientation and Settling-In Services

Employee relocation estimates are founded on policy application and needs assessment to determine overall international assignment cost. It’s critical to balance current markets, employee and family needs, and program benefits and limitations to get a real idea of the costs you may see throughout the relocation. Employee Relocation Estimates, and items like service and housing costs may shift due to changes in local and global markets, changing family needs, and even changes in your company’s objectives for the assignment.
It takes an engaged discussion, and a keen eye to the details that every assignment entails. Kinetix’s Relocation Program Managers are well versed in evaluating needs, matching them to program benefits, and building out accurate employee relocation estimates to ensure you have a clear picture from assignment and transfer start to finish.

Relocation Area Evaluation and Selection

Using the information gathered during the employee and family’s needs assessment, Kinetix leads the resource management for relocation area evaluation and selection.  Special needs and personal preferences are taken into consideration, as are the assignment details that may impact choices such as assignment length.

It’s our goal to make sure that the employee and family’s selection of the new neighborhood and home is made easy through diligent and accurate needs assessment and pre-work, all focused on making sure their new home feels exactly like home.

Kinetix destination services support makes you feel at home as soon as you reach your destination

Relocating Employees to Another Country

The employee relocation process starts with the employee and family immigration process.  The key to setting expectations is to start with a timeline that allows for the required immigration process steps to be taken, and the flexibility to accommodate changes when the timing may be changed.  Once the immigration process is underway, Kinetix lays the groundwork for the rest of the relocation process, helping the employee explore everything the destination has to offer, and planning the logistics, housing changes, and family support required for an exceptional employee experience.

Corporate Global Destination Services

Corporate destination services allow anyone relocating at the company’s request to familiarize themselves with the destination area, its amenities, and offerings, as well as enlist on-the-ground support for things like obtaining local permits and registrations and setting up utilities. Area orientation is a critical step in making the employee comfortable and ensuring that they and their family settle in completely to the new location.  It also provides comprehensive support for planning objectives like school search and spousal education, volunteering, and work opportunities.

Outsourcing International Destination Services to a Global Relocation Company

When planning resources for international destination services and international destination management, outsourcing international Destination Services to a global mobility provider  gives you access to a network of providers that have been extensively vetted and have a provide track record of getting employees and families settled into their new location quickly and completely.

Making sure your assignees and their families feel right is key. Kinext Relo can help you with:

● Relocating Employees to Another Country

● Area Evaluation and Selection

● Logistics Planning

● Housing and Family Support

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