Home Finding

Global Relocation

Ensuring a successful arrival and acclimation to the new community is essential to launching a successful new assignment for the employee as well as any accompanying family members. Kinetix provides expert global home finding service that focuses on a an overview of the local housing market concentrating expectation setting and availability with a goal of quickly finding and securing permanent housing with an understanding and focus on family needs, and budgetary guidelines.

Kinetix will carefully choose a home-finding professional with the employee’s best interest in mind, conduct the formal introduction to the employee, and monitor the home search process to provide advice and support until they are comfortably settled in their new home. As an independent relocation company, Kinetix is unaffiliated or partnered with any particular real estate network, brokerage company, or destination services provider. Our independence and total annual relocation volume allow us to establish relationships and work directly with the top agents and brokers in any given area across the country. This ensures that our client’s employees are placed in the most capable and experienced home-finding hands.

Take Control of Your Mobility Needs

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