Expense Administration

Global Relocation

Kinetix provides the full range of expense reimbursement, tracking, reporting, and tax benefit administration services. Our Expense Management service is best in class and expertly administers this detailed and time-consuming function, from reimbursing employee relocation expenses to calculating gross-ups, through reporting to client payroll and or international tax providers at year-end. Our subject matter experts can support tax-compliant practices and provide informed tax policy review and guidance.

Kinetix tracks relocation expenses through our specialized relocation management system. Employees can submit expenses electronically through a mobile or web-based portal. All expenses are audited to client policy with any non-compliance issues addressed accordingly prior to reimbursements. Properly completed expense reports are generally reimbursed within five business days from date of submission.

In addition, all vendor invoices are approved by the assigned Kinetix Client Services Manager and are submitted to our Accounting Department for a final audit and reconciliation prior to funds dispersal and billing out to our clients. This system of checks and cross-checks keeps billing errors to a minimum. Kinetix supports electronic invoicing and payment processes.

As part of the implementation process, Kinetix will work with the Client to establish a preferred methodology for domestic tax gross-up calculations and or international tax reporting of all relocation expenses to the agreed-upon processing schedule and entity.

At year-end, Kinetix will provide a comprehensive Relocation Tax Report to each employee and client. The report includes the expense detail, and gross-up summary if applicable.

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