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About Us

Having been a leader in the Relocation, Cargo and Logistics industry for more than three decades, Kinetix has established ourselves as a pillar of service excellence and reliability. Our business model is simple by design, structured specifically to maintain service consistency and quality throughout our company. Kinetix corporate culture was founded on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Respect which are practiced and felt throughout the organization today. At the heart of our success are the dedicated individuals who form the backbone of our organization. Their unwavering commitment, expertise and passion drive our ability to consistently deliver exceptional service to our clients and the transferring employees they entrust us with.

There are many ways that Kinetix Relocation distinguishes itself in the industry. Below is a small sample of the powerful ways that Kinetix makes a difference in every client engagement. They define what we do and what we believe will be most meaningful to you and your transferring employees.

Our culture of caring, engagement, and education ensures customer peace of mind and program clarity. We invite feedback and share it freely and frequently for continual program effectiveness and customer success.

Our highly credentialed team members each average over 20 years in the industry, delivering expert support around the world and right next door. They have the intuition and empowerment to anticipate and act upon client and employee needs as expert navigators of the relocation landscape.

In a time of continued relocation industry consolidation and challenges, Kinetix remains a stable, well-capitalized company, with an historic client retention rate of 99%.

Kinetix has always demonstrated the highest ethical standards. As an independent company, Kinetix has no conflicts of interest. We select, qualify and train the best suppliers, regardless of brand. This translates to large volume discounts and top-notch service.