The following is an update from FEDEMAC European Movers on current restrictions within Europe:

European Moving Industry In Crisis

The most serious measures taken by national governments in times of peace aimed at halting the spread of COVID-19, have resulted in severe restrictions of moving industry operations in many European countries.

In the United Kingdom, the British Association of Removals (BAR) has recommended that members cancel any moves that have not started.  The BAR has also suspended its Advance Payment Guarantee Program to protect consumers as uncertainty grows regarding the financial health of its members.  Some British companies are continuing to operate but there are reports of police stopping moving trucks and instructing them to return to their place of business.

In France, the government has passed a law prohibiting “in-home” services for transport companies, requiring any deliveries to be made to the door only.  Instructions have been given to collect any delivery signature by email or other electronic means in order to maintain social distancing.

In Belgium, the government has stated that the moving industry can only continue business under strict restrictions.  The Belgian Chamber of Movers (BKV) has recommended that members do “not expose employees to the current health risks” and has invited members to cease activities.

In Spain, the government has classed moving as an essential transport service but police in each city have the authority to decide.  In some Spanish cities moving companies are required to prove that a move is urgent while other cities are not allowing moving services to be carried out.  As one of the hardest hit countries, it is very difficult for moving companies to obtain masks, sanitizer and gloves to complete work safely.

In Italy, the government has passed a law prohibiting people from moving from one municipality to another for any reason other than a proven essential work or health need.  Moving companies are permitted to perform moving services provided safety measure are followed and they hold a declaration for the customer stating that the move cannot be postponed and is necessary.  This declaration and the delivery documents should be sent to the local authorities.

In Switzerland, the federal government has declared a state of emergency and imposed strict measures to prevent the virus from spreading further.  Moving companies are operating subject to strict safety measures and although all Swiss borders will remain closed, cross-border transportation of goods of any kind are not affected by any of these rules.

In Germany and The Netherlands, moving companies are providing services subject to strict safety measures and some restrictions.

FEDEMAC will continue to keep members updated through it’s COVID-19 Response web-site.